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  • Favorite foods: Unagi-don, cream puffs, saag paneer, bulgogi, linguine al vongole, Mom's braised pork belly and salted zhacai, prime rib, all kinds of shellfish, potato anything.
  • Last bite on earth: Crème brûlée and a latte. Holding back at this point would be unwise.

Sampling the Fried Delights at Phnom Penh in Vancouver's Chinatown

Phnom Penh! Those chicken wings are a must every time I visit the hometown, not to mention the butter beef. I've yet to find a decent substitute on the East Coast :(

7 Places to Find Great Fried Chicken in Seattle

The fried chicken at Kingfish Cafe is also outstanding.

Bake the Book: The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Book of Pie

Chocolate peanut butter crunch pie.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: 'Round Things Are Tasty' Tote Bag

Poll: Do You Cut Your Burger in Half Before You Eat It?

I admit to being one of those burger halvers. It's probably sacrilege, but I'm a tiny person with tiny hands, so practicalities have to be observed.

Trader Joe's Now Sells Poutine, and it's Awesome


As a fellow Canadian, I totally feel you, Erin. Heading to TJ's after work! :)

Trendy Asian Favorites Done Well at Philly's CHeU Noodle Bar

Great article. I really enjoyed their take on the Hand Torn noodles last time I was there. No love for the black garlic chicken wings?

Cook the Book: Roy Choi's 'L.A. Son'

Savoury tong yuan (glutinous rice dumplings) were my extended family's go-to meal whenever we were recovering from a major holiday and needed to use up the leftovers.

6 Brick-And-Mortar Brunch Spots We Love In Portland, OR

Broder! I still yearn for their smoked trout hash even years later. One of the best standouts in PDX.

A Day in the Life: Robyn Lee, Staff Photographer and Editor, A Hamburger Today

Brilliant. Robyn's day sounds like it's told through an Adventure Time lens.

Nice garter, Kenji.

Where Are You a Regular in NYC?

Black Swan was a former regular until the service went downhill and the music became deafening. Now it's Allswell and Taro Sushi. The Taro staff know our faces by now, even though we're only in once a month.

If I worked/lived in Midtown East, Little Collins would be THE regular coffee shop for me. The lattes and sandwiches there are amazing.

Skàl's Nordic Cuisine and Service Leave You Hanging

Wow, honest review. I had high hopes for Skal, but I guess they still have a lot of kinks to work out. The hunt for an east coast Broder PDX continues...

Sadly my last recent trip to Aamanns Copenhagen was very similar to the service you received at Skal, Max. The food was wonderful, but the service left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Cook the Book: Andy Ricker's 'Pok Pok'

Tom yum goong.

Show and Tell: Your Favorite Novelty Mug

Oh, I'm sad I missed this show and tell! This robot mug is mine, here.

The Best (Mostly Cheap) Eats on St. Marks Place in the East Village

Great list, awesome recommendations. I think the only one I wasn't so thrilled by was Puddin' -- incredibly rich and tasty, but sooo overpriced.

A Tour of Economy Candy, the Best and Craziest Candy Store in NYC

Ritter Sport! British chocolate! I'm definitely coming here next time I have a Malteser and Aero craving.

Why Have I Never Tried: Milky Way Midnight Dark

I should bring Coffee Crisp and Wunderbars to SEHQ to make up for that experience.

Staff Picks: What's the Scariest Food You've Ever Eaten?

Sea cucumber. It's unfortunately served at a lot of our family banquet dinners.

Who Makes the Best Pasta in NYC?

Dino in Brooklyn, black squid ink linguine in a spicy tomato sauce. I'm not traditionally a fan of squid, in pasta or otherwise, but it really makes my heart sing.

Open Thread: What's Your Ideal Chocolate Chip Cookie Texture?

Soft and chewy, warm if possible, slightly crisp at the edge.

Dominique Ansel's Latest is a Gingerbread Pinecone Pastry

Where the hell was this when I stopped in this weekend? Gah. Not that I'm complaining about the other great treats I picked up.

What to Expect at Madison Square Eats: Brisket Tacos, Bushwick Pizza, Beer, and More

That Bee Sting pizza by Roberta's is truly amazing.

First Look: Pizzeria Vetri Opens Doors in Philadelphia, PA

Their margherita pizza is no joke; I ate the entire thing by myself one evening. So gloriously amazing.

Is This the Classiest McDonald's in America?

This reminded me of the KFC on City Ave in Philly - within an old and gorgeous house, foyer, etc. The inside is not as nice, though.

Where to Eat Ice Cream in New York City

More love for Van Leeuwen! Their mint chip is amazing, and the Earl Grey is incomparable in the city.

Lost in Translation

I might be going crazy here, but I swear that the title of Meister's latest article "Can we be objective about coffee?" posted in the popular links at the top of the SE main page is written in Italian.

I wish I could post a screenshot here but I sent the SE folks one through Twitter. Am I hallucinating or what?

Coworkers and food smells

I happen to have a desk about twenty feet away from the lunchroom and bathrooms, and someone had some sort of smelly fish for breakfast this morning... and obviously the smell spread all over the office, so now we have people running around and spraying cans of deodorizer in the air.

Generally I don't have an issue with what people eat, but this was a really sickening way to start the day. This isn't the first time this has happened -- a few months ago, someone burnt their microwave popcorn in the morning and smelled up the office in a similarly unpleasant fashion. What's a nice way to address the food smell issue to my coworkers?

Harrisburg eats

Unfortunately, my work is sending me away for training to the state capitol for a few days. Fortunately, hubs has the same week off from work, so he's coming with me! Any recommendations for good restaurants, etc? We're heading down at the end of the month.

Cape May eats

Hubs and I are going to take a day trip there on Friday and will most likely be stopping for dinner. I've been recommended Quahog's Seafood Shack in nearby Stone Harbor, and told to avoid the Lobster House as it's a tourist trap with a bleh atmosphere and long waits. Primarily we'd like to try out the local seafood without spending an arm and a leg. Any suggestions?

Held comments on posts

For the past few days, this message intermittently appears whenever I drop a comment on a topic in Talk:

Thank you for commenting.
Your comment has been received and held for approval by the blog owner.

Subsequently, my comment never appears on the topic I've replied to. Any help, SE? I really want to comment on the pork belly thread, but didn't realise my suggestion was so incendiary. I promise I'll tone it down! :P

Preview not working

It was mentioned in a thread awhile back, but when starting a new post, the preview function doesn't seem to be working. In the previewing topic box, it only provides the default message without changes ("enter a title above, enter a message, blah blah").

(Previews are working for comments, though!)

What to do with egg whites...

In a series of miscommunications, instead of purchasing the angel food cake which I so craved, dear husband ended up purchasing a carton of egg whites with the idea that I was going to bake a cake tonight. Umm, not so much.

I've never cooked with just plain egg whites, and as I hate to waste something that my husband thoughtfully purchased (even mistakenly), I'm looking for suggestions aside from the omelette variety. Go!

"Invited to dinner" food mishaps

Once upon a time, you were invited to a gathering where food was served by the host... except that the food wasn't just "meh, I could do better", it was worse. What was it, and were you able to keep a straight face?

For me, my most memorable experience was when my parents-in-law invited us over for assemble-your-own fajitas. The look on my brother-in-law's face when his mom brought out her version of guacamole was priceless: mashed overripe avocado and soft-boiled egg. My husband, normally someone who keeps his ruder thoughts to himself, blurted out, "Holy s***, that looks like zombie brains!"

Eating quirks

This conversation came up today at lunch in regards to Halloween candy -- one girl admitted that she sorted her M&Ms in colours, another said that she ate the edges of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups before starting in the middle.

For me, it's one of two things -- eating Cadbury mini eggs in batches of colours, and keeping everything on my plate in neat sections. So I'm curious -- all you Serious Eaters, time to 'fess up. What are your eating quirks? :D

Onigiri fillings

Thanks to all who commented on my last post regarding compact dinners for school. Today I decided that I wanted to bring onigiri this week, but I'm falling short of ideas.

Right now, I do have a frozen pre-grilled unagi which has been patiently waiting to be eaten... also, furikake which I recently purchased from Wegman's. I also have a packet of zhacai (Chinese salty vegetables) which I could try out.

What would you recommend?

How do you plan your meals for the week?

My husband and I have different work schedules, and as a result we have to figure out a basic meal list for the week. It ends up being planned in two ways:

1) Looking at what's in our fridge and freezer, and deciding on meals based on said ingredients. (We came up with this technique after my mother decided to pack our freezer with tons of frozen meats during her yearly visit to our side of the continent... let's just say, she is a pro packer.)

2) Finding recipes (nowadays, from SE!) that I've been dying to try, and buying ingredients as a result.

In the end, the list of 'meal ideas' ends up on a whiteboard on our fridge, and we cook based on the list and what we feel like for the evening; if something's remaining on that list, we leave it up for the next.

Just curious if anyone takes a similarly insane route for their meal planning... :) If not, how do you decide what you're eating for dinner?

Compact and home-cooked dinners

I'm currently attending evening classes at a local university after work, and I'm not able to go home for dinner before classes begin. As I've already exhausted the local Cosi and cheesesteak shop on campus, I'd like to try and bring my own dinners (both for health and economic reasons). As I am relying on public transportation and also carrying significantly heavy items for school, I'd like to make this as compact (but tasty!) as possible.

Ideas, please! :)

Pork Sausage Patties With Braised Cabbage and Apples

Humble braised cabbage might not win any beauty contests, but when it's made with care and enlivened with a few key aromatics, it's actually a subtly complex side dish. Sweetened with soft apples and onions and rounded out with nutty caraway seeds, bright apple cider vinegar, a hint of sugar and fragrant fresh dill, this is one cabbage dish you'll want to heap on the plate. Here, it's served with fast-cooking, easy to whip up homemade pork sausage patties that are full of flavor from shallots, garlic, fennel seeds, and chile flakes, with a dash of dry sherry for added moisture. More

Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream

This ice cream tastes like a better, more homemade version of a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte (minus the coffee, which is pretty incidental), thanks to a dose of vanilla bean, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and a wee nip of bourbon. More

Smashed Green Beans and Potatoes with Pancetta from 'The Glorious Vegetables of Italy'

Dumping green beans in a pot with potatoes and boiling them for 25 minutes, as Domenica Marchetti instructs in The Glorious Vegetables of Italy, sounded like a pretty crazy idea. But I tried it anyway. Once the beans and potatoes were totally tender, I drained them and smashed them up, slowly drizzling in olive oil along the way. Towards the end, I added a pan-ful of crispy pancetta. Somewhere between the first smash and the last, the mushy beans and potatoes transformed into a soft green bowl of creamy comfort food. More

Lamb Bolognese from 'Family Table'

We've written several recipes for bolognese sauce over the years here at Serious Eats, and these recipes usually fall in two camps: the traditional slow-cooked multiple-meat bolognese camp or the easier, lighter, faster meat-sauce-maybe-known-as-bolognese camp. This lamb bolognese from Michael Romano and Karen Stabiner's Family Table falls squarely in the middle. Instead of using the traditional shortcut of pre-ground beef (or a quartet of beef-veal-pork-chicken livers), this bolognese calls for simply ground lamb. This single step adds rich, slightly gamey flavor that would be impossible to achieve using any other single meat. More