Ava McAlpin

  • Location: New York, NY
  • Favorite foods: Pancakes, pumpkin scones, croissants, wild boar rag├╣, any kind of mushroom, artichokes, fried squash blossoms, fresh ricotta, dumplings, mango with coconut sticky rice
  • Last bite on earth: The taglierini tartufato from L'Antico Noe in Firenze, Italy with a forkful of burrata on the side. All washed down with a New Orleans Buck made at Little Branch in New York.

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Who Sells Your Favorite Croissants in New York?

Tarallucci E Vino's croissants, not the cornetti; the French style croissants are buttery, dense and rich and are my absolute favorites. Silver Moon's plain or chocolate croissant. The almond croissant at Georgia's Bakeshop. Chocolate croissant at Madeleine Patisserie; the plain ones there are too airy.

Where To Buy Italian Ingredients in New York City

Another update: Il Cantuccio is finally open on Christopher Street in the West Village and is selling pane toscana.

Where to Buy Mexican Ingredients in New York City

The Trade Fair in Astoria also had bunches of papalo for $1.99 each. And I believe La Guadalupe Fruit and Vegetable had it as well.

Where To Buy Italian Ingredients in New York City

Update: I've finally found a place that bakes authentic saltless Tuscan bread. I was dining at Locanda Vini e Olii in Brooklyn this weekend when I was caught unawares and nibbled on a piece of the pasty, saltless bread without any condiment to give it flavor. I found out the restaurant gets their Tuscan loaf from Sette Pani, which has two locations: one is in Harlem at 196 Lenox Avenue at 120th Street and the other is in Brooklyn at 602 Lorimer Street.

Where To Buy Italian Ingredients in New York City

@brk212: Thanks for tip--good to know. Italian groceries are really everywhere; no matter what neighborhood you live in, you can find a good supplier. Agata & Valentina sounds great. I like the warehouse feel of D. Collucio & Sons and also seeing the local Italian-Americans who go there and to the places on Arthur Avenue and are on a first name basis with the shopkeepers. Very Italian.


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