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Spice up Your Morning With This Chard and Pineapple Smoothie

I'm on Team Savory Breakfast—anyone else with me? I'm far more interested in spicy chilaquiles than sweet French toast, and I've even been known to garnish my oatmeal with a little sriracha; I like to start my day with a little heat. This smoothie satisfies all my breakfast desires with a spicy kick of jalapeño, creamy avocado, a hearty helping of greens, plus some tropical flavors to round things out. More

Simplify Thanksgiving Drinking With These Make-Ahead Sparkling Cocktails

There's a smart method for serving drinks to a crowd without a ton of fiddly prep and shaking each drink by hand, and it's not a compromise when it comes to flavor. Mixing up a big batch of a special DIY mixer in advance means you're ready to pour one delicious drink after another—or you can delegate the simple task to someone else while you finish up making that green bean casserole. More

The Secret to Figgy Fig Drinks: Turn on Your Oven

I think that eating a fresh fig straight from the tree is one of life's singular pleasures, but getting that amazing fig flavor into a beverage is a bit of a challenge. Simply muddling figs into a drink won't really cut it. It may give the drink visual appeal, but won't impart much, if any, flavor. Cooking down figs into a syrup can end up tasting sweet and caramelly, but it won't retain much of the original fig's personality. More

3 Milkshake Recipes to Celebrate Berry Season

I'm not about to be so bold as to publicly hate on pie, but when summer berries are so close to perfect it can feel like a bit of a crime to throw all of them in the oven. These berry shakes are a perfect way to enjoy summer berries as close to their natural state of perfection as possible when you've tired of just shoving them in your face by the handful. More

Cool Down with 3 Fresh Limeade Recipes

We've already had a string of exceptionally hot, humid days here in NYC, so the need for something refreshing and delicious that isn't necessarily boozy is especially acute. Limeade is just different enough that it seems like an impressive addition to a summer picnic lunch or dinner party, but is still ridiculously easy to make from scratch. Here are three fresh takes on limeade that are just as good as the original. More

Peaches and Cream Smoothie

@MelissaH I'd say yogurt too, full-fat and not greek. If you sub yogurt and you're having trouble blending (ie: it's a little too thick) just thin it out with a little milk. Thanks!

Sip Seasonally with 3 Homemade Rhubarb Shrub Drinks

@lazy_lurker check out this post for shrub shelf life/storage info http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2011/06/cold-processed-berry-shrub-recipe.html! it should really last a long time in the fridge, so no need to can it.

@ecca31 that sounds so good. of all the stuff I've done with rhubarb, I've never done an infusion/liqueur. It's on my list for this year.

3 Easy and Delicious Crème Yvette Cocktails to Make at Home

hey @shallot, my neighborhood liquor store, which is pretty well stocked, but is still just a neighborhood liquor store, has it. I wouldn't think you'd have too much trouble tracking it down.

3 Delicious Alcohol-Free Citrus Drinks to Make at Home

Ha! Thanks, Casey. I always questioned her method as well.

Worst Meal This Year: Lucy's Cantina Royale

another "we should have known better:" it seems to be attached to a duane reade?

The Cure-All

With the same flavor base as thePenicillin—lemon, ginger, and Scotch—this foundation of this drink is already a delicious antidote to a long, cold day. Adding a shot of beet juice just ups the curative ante. More