Cook the Book: 'Eat with Your Hands'

Corn on the cob with so much butter I drop the dang cob more than once.

Vegan sandwich ideas

Wow, Thanks for all of the ideas and suggestions. I'm excited to try an array of these ideas. I think that they will be pleasing to all of my guests. I might even put them in my own recipe rotation! Thank you so much, you all are great!!!!

Cook the Book: 'The Glorious Pasta of Italy'

My dear grandmother, Nana, was from a small village in northern Italy at the base of the Alps. Any simple pasta Nana made with browned butter and cheese was my favorite. I miss my Nana!

What to do with 13 jars of pickle brine?

Pickle pops! Also, I freeze pickle juice in icecube trays, and then add one or two to my bloody mary on the weekend. I also put chopped cucumbers in the empty jar with juice- quick pickles and really good on salad.

Annoying Lunch Habits of Coworkers

I have a co-worker who eats the most disgusting concoctions. One day I observed him pouring a bowl of cereal. Innocent enough, right. Uh Uh, because then he dumped a can of SARDINES on it- liquid and all- and proceeded to pour soy milk over the whole crazy thing. I haven't been the same since.

Help! My oven is broken!

I also need to replace the heating element in my oven, but I live in Phoenix and it's too hot to use it now anyway. I have a set of "camp" cookware that I use on my grill- I can boil water for pasta, or cook whatever I need to. I have different grill pans for fish and veggies. You can also fashion cookware out of foil! I also use a toaster oven quite a bit to re-heat food or bake small portions. I'm only cooking for one though, if your trying to cook for a family, stick with the grill. Think of it as an adventure!

what are your motivations to head to the ethnic grocer?

I go to the local Mexican Carneceria's and markets, and the Asian grocery stores as a way to escape the mundane. I can spend hours just looking around. When I finally leave, I feel like i've been somewhere special that no one else knows about, sort of like how you feel when you finish reading a really good book. Magical.

Rice in Burritos: Yea or Nay?

The Nasty Bits: Black Eyed Peas with Ham Hock

If those are nasty bits, that's my favorite nasty bit in the world.

Cook the Book: 'River Cottage Every Day'

I like tuna melts on rye with smoked gouda melted lovingly on top.

Can you explain the Success of Little Debbie snacks?

I used to tell people that if I was lesbian, Little Debbie would be my girlfriend because she makes good cake. :)

Cook the Book: 'Avec Eric'

I would love to adventure through Northern Italy, cooking and eating locally.

HELP! with short ribs

That's happened to me too. I usually add some V8, not all the way to the top, but just a splash or two. I think it add's more flavor.

Thanksgiving Bloody Mary Station

Ditto on the the Zing Zang. Love the stuff- used to like Mr and Mrs T's, but never again. Although I prefer to make mine with V8 and my own spices.

How about beef sticks to use for stirring? My sis-in-law makes skewers with pickles, salami, and olives to sink in hers.

I am craving a bloody mary right now! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

The artichoke, parmesan, sourdough dressing looks de-lish!

What's for dinner tonight?

Bacon, honey, and brie on a baguette. Can't wait!

Out-of-Town Guest Disappointment

I'll go with you! I'm sorry, that is a real disappointment when people, especially your family is like that. I have a sister that will only go to mainstream chains so when she visits I feel tortured! I wish she would be adventurous, but i'ld rather have her feel comfortable than go somewhere she won't even try the food. Now, I on the other hand, will try anything. Maybe I should visit you! :)

A Lasagna Showdown: Sandra Lee vs. Matilda Cuomo

@ shady lane-

I can't make it through a kids party without getting trashed.

Cook the Book: 'Recipes from an Italian Summer'

My Italian grandmother made the most delicious food from her summer garden- my favorite- sauteed green beans, with a warm bacon vinagrette topped with chopped cherry tomatoes. Yummmm. Oh, and ears of roasted corn slathered with fresh butter. Oh, I miss my nana!

The Schumwich

I think I would try it, but without the jalapeno's. I would also probably try it with extra extra EXTRA pickles.

Your "Poor Era" Eats

My roommate and I lived on mac and cheese with tuna and peas. One time she splurged on canned salmon to make salmon patties with the mac and I was in charge of opening the can and chopping onions and celery. When I opened the can I was horrified- there was an entire fish, bones and all, stuffed into the can! Of course I threw it out. When she got home she was furious with me for throwing it away, she had splurged after all. I was very embarrassed to learn that canned salmon is supposed to look the way it did. Alas, only tuna ever after for me!

Serious Eats Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificates from Threadless

"If you can read this make me a sandwich"

Seriously people, if you can read this make me a sandwich!

What Would You Do?

I'm ashamed of what I did for a Klondike Bar.

Cook the Book: 'Gourmet Today'

My first cookbook that I bought for myself when I was 19 was a CIA cookbook that I bought from a traveling salesman. It was a huge book and I thought it was a huge bargain because the guy was only selling it for $5.00! I used it a few times, but every recipe turned out pretty bad. It turns out the book was a misprint! The guy had probably picked up a case of them for next to nothing and sold them to unsuspecting ladies. That was about 25 years ago and I still have nightmares about the "Meatloaf Incased in Mashed Potatoes" that called for 4 tablespoons of salt!. Bleck.

Cook the Book: 'Zingerman's Guide to Better Bacon'

crispy, fatty, smokey, salty, ummmm....

Vegan sandwich ideas

I am having an informal luncheon this weekend. I am going to be serving sandwiches, soups, and a plethora of appetizers. I have been trying to find a good sandwich recipe for one of my guests who is vegan. She would be fine snacking on the crudites, but I don't want her to feel left out. I would appreciate it if anyone could suggest a simple vegan sandwich idea! Thanks!

Pork stock?

Okay, so i've made veggie stock, chicken stock, fish stock and beef stock. But i've never heard any one talk or write about pork stock, and i've never seen a recipe that called for it.
So I made some. Any ideas on how to use it? Thanks!

I'm going to make bagels!

I've made bagels before and it's fun and easy. I want to make some as a gift for a friend who adores bagels, but the only recipes I can find are for plain bagels. Does anyone have any tips, advice, or secrets for different flavors?

I bought chicken liver mousse, now what?

In a moment of wide eyed bravery, I bought a small portion of "Truffle Mousse" from my local Fresh and Easy market. I thought I'ld be very sophisticated and have a glass or two of wine for dinner with my mousse and some toast points. Well, I chickened out (and only had the wine!) and now it's in the freezer. Can it be saved? Can I add it to a recipe? Any ideas? Any one ever done this with any other un-ordinary ingredient or food?

South Street Seaport area for lunch?

Sorry if this has been asked before- and yes, I did google for info. :) I'm going to be in NY in a few weeks, and i'm taking a short cruise that originates from the South Street Seaport. (it's the Waterfall art installation cruise, which I am very excited about) Anyway, does anyone know of any unique restaurants in the area for lunch? Thanks for any recommendations!

Appetizers & cocktails circa 1964...

A friend of mine asked me to cook for his 45th birthday party early next year. Not being one to procrastinate, especially when it comes to food, I am already trying to find recipe ideas for appetizers and such that originate from the early '60's. Any ideas?

I need advice re: a cast iron enamel dutch oven...

I bought a Food Network cast iron enamel dutch oven. Not being able to afford a Le Creuset, and never having had any experience with one, I thought $100 was a good bargain for the FN pan. Well, after two days (with careful use), the cover was chipped around the edge. I exchanged it for a different one at the store where I bought it. When I got it home and took it out of the box to look at it, I noticed that the enamel isn't covering some spots on the very inside cover, and the overall paint doesn't look "even". Should I exchange it again? Are there other brands besides Le Creuset that are better quality and not too expensive?

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