Five Suburban Chicago Fried Chicken Faves

I grew up in the next town over from Ladd. Fried chicken is a very big deal in that part of the state. I'll give it to ya, Rip's does a great job at chicken. However, for my time and money Lanuti's (directly across the street from Rips) is where I go. Family style fried chicken dinners, Schlitz on tap, and they serve fried turtle!

Have You Switched to Summer Beer?

Our fridge is stocked with both mine and my boyfriend's summer faves: Bell's Oberon, Summer Shandy, and (even though it's not a beer) Woodchuck's Summer Cider. So much deliciousness!

Chicken stock FAIL. Serious Eaters, what am I doing wrong?

@ GKlose - I've been using AB's stock recipe. I figure if any guy has it figured out, it's him, right? Well, I guess I underestimated how much he reduced, because it seems to be where my problem lies. Thanks for all of your suggestions too. I'm going to stockpile wing tips after the Super Bowl.

Chicken stock FAIL. Serious Eaters, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for all of the suggestions, everyone!

dbcurrie your blog post is definitely thorough and helpful. I like the idea of thinking of stock as more of a concentrate, rather than a fluid. After all, you can always add water later.

Chicken feet is also a great idea! I'll give that a shot next time too. If this doesnt work out this time, I have some great jumping off points for Chicken Stock 4.0.

Chicken stock FAIL. Serious Eaters, what am I doing wrong?

It was a whole carcass. I have an 8 quart stock pot, and I let it reduce down to about six quarts. I have it back on the burner today to reduce it further, in hopes that'll help it set up.

Weekend Giveaway: Vienna Beef Hot Dog Kit for Your Memorial Day Party

Give me some diced onions and some mustard! I'm warming up to sport peppers too.

Risotto- a blank canvas?

Wow, so many great suggestions! Now to convince my boyfriend that he should eat mushrooms.. I've always wanted to experiment with them, but have always felt limited by the picky eater I live with.

I've found my favorite to be roasted buttnernut squash made with veggie stock, mixed with spinach and topped with bleu cheese.. Yum!

What's The Worst Restaurant Name You've Ever Heard?

Plan B in Chicago. Maybe my head is in the wrong place, but it always makes me think of the morning-after pill.

Cook the Book: 'The Art of Eating In'

Every once in a while, I'll contract a case of The Mean Reds. No, that's not some sort of a rash, it's a bout of anxiety that puts you in an emotional funk. The term was coined by Holly Golightly in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's," and her only remedy for The Mean Reds was a trip to the aforementioned jewelery store.

Well, since I don't have a budget for Tiffany's the next best place is the produce department. I like the grab whatever is in season, take it home, and whip up something for dinner. The challenge of utilizing seasonal produce, paired with a glass of wine, and my iPod blasting cures any case of The Mean Reds I may have.

10-year wines: wines worth saving for a decade.

My wedding is coming up in October and when the Future Husband and I discussed ideas for the ceremony, the wine box ceremony seemed to be the perfect fit.

Essentially, in lieu of unity sand or a candle, each of us writes a love letter to the other, and locks them up inside a box with a good bottle of wine, only to be opened on X anniversary, or if the marriage falls on hard times, and the couple needs a reminder of the way they felt on their wedding day. Further reading on that subject here.

Since I'm planning to open the box on our 10-year anniversary, I pose this question to the SE community: what wines are worth saving for a decade? Immediately, I think big reds (merlot, malbec, etc) but my fiance isn't always fond of them. Champagne or sparkling wine seems like a great option, but the issue of storing it that long concerns me. It seems tough store it at an angle, let alone turn it occasionally if it's locked in a box. I'm also not looking to spend a huge fortune on this, I'm shooting for $50 or less.

Does anyone have suggestions? Should I just go red and try to develop the fiance's palette over the next decade?

Chicken stock FAIL. Serious Eaters, what am I doing wrong?

I am on my third attempt at making chicken stock and each time, after cooling overnight, I cannot get the dang thing to jell. Yesterday I threw a chicken carcass, six wings, the herbs and aromatics into my stock pot, submerged everything in water and let it simmer for 8+ hours. Afterward, I let it sit in a snow bank for two hours (Cleveland winters are good for expanding freezer space, if nothing else) and then moved it to the fridge before heading to bed. I woke up this morning to find my stock still watery.

Today, the stock pot is back on the burner, simmering with four more chicken wings. I have to be doing something wrong.. chicken stock cannot be this complicated. Any advice or suggestions?

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