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The Best Chili Ever

Made exactly as directed in the recipe - and the beans did not cook. I soaked in the salted water for 8 hours, then let them simmer 2.5 hours before adding the acidic tomatoes and vinegar, and they were still rock hard. I think there just wasn't enough liquid in the pot to properly cook them. I ended up picking out every last bean, cooking them separately, and then adding them back in at the end. Huge pain. I usually blindly trust Kenji, but think he may want to re-test this one with a different brand of beans. Chili is delicious, but next time I'll cook the beans separately.

The Food Lab's Southern Fried Chicken

Has anyone tried serving this recipe cold? If so, is it worth doing the final frying step to add crispness or no? Also, has anyone tried with boneless chicken? Picnic planning :) Thanks!

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

I'd make a big ol' steak! And maybe for the first time I would not over cook it!

Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition 2013

I love all the savory buttery fried yummy Thanksgiving food--but would love one bright veggie-based dish to serve with the meal too. Most of the veggie sides I see are delicious but pretty heavy. Ideas?

Cook the Book: 'Every Grain of Rice'

Hot & sour soup! It's my absolute favorite, and it just never turns out when I attempt recipes at home.


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