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Good recipes for baking with pawpaws?

Heh, I can see others are not as excited as I am. Thanks anyway, though!

What to do with fresh mint...

you can saute some fresh corn with butter and mint...that's always good.

Baking with white peaches vs yellow peaches

Thanks everyone! Not sure what I'll be doing but these are good ideas, never would have thought of any of them...I like the idea of an open-faced tart. buffy, I see your point but we have so many of them I don't think we'll be able to eat them all before they go bad! Hopefully they don't fall apart on me.

Poll: Do You Care About Cupcakes?

As annoying as the cupcake craze is -- and I do think there is a craze, even though I don't live in NYC -- the cupcake backlash is just as annoying. Like a lot of ppl's just a sweet, fun dessert. What's not to love? Although if we're going to get down to it, I prefer cake...more communal, looks more impressive.

The Crisper Whisperer: How Not to Cook

I just eat a whole mango, then round it out with some cheese and crackers.

Tried anything new recently?

I had tea leaf salad last weekend at a Burmese restaurant...I was skeptical at first but it was quite tasty.

How to Start Your Own Compost

We also toss in shredded junk mail/bills into our compost pile and it seems to have worked fine...been doing this since last fall, and it feels nice because now we don't have to throw away anything we shred. What's the rationale for sticking w/ paper w/ soy-based inks? Will the chemicals in regular ink elude the decomposition process?

One thing I've learned is, go easy on the citrus peels, at least in a pile, not sure re: tumblers. We eat a lot of citrus and peels get tossed in the pile with everything else...but they never seem to break down as quickly.

July 4th weekend, what are you making?

I'll be camping with the family, per 4th of July tradition since the dawn of time...and so I'll be making some kind of simple berry crumble cake w/ our Dutch Oven in the fire pit.

@NWcajun, your meal sounds delicious! very jealous.

Little House on the Prairie cookbook

When I was a kid I loved those books and we would dress up and play "little house" all the time...I remember using the description of cheese-making in Little House in the Big Woods as a guide when I pretended to make cheese. My mom bought me the cookbook when I was in third grade and I've treasured it since, but unfortunately I've yet to make anything from it....hmm, there's a new goal for the summer! Thanks for the reminder.

@Lucreceb, a Little House cooking class sounds like a great idea...if I had kids I'd sign them up.

What's the story behind your SE screen name?

Mine's just my first name...minus an accent mark since I don't think "special characters" are allowed. (A pet peeve of mine.)

I was pleasantly surprised the name wasn't taken when I signed up.

Weekend Poll: Do You Prefer Regular or Diet Soda?

I'm actually in the process of "quitting" soda but for the purpose of this poll, I'd say diet. In my heyday (i.e. every day before last Thursday) I could drink up to five cans of diet soda a day, easy...nervous habit, oral fixation, I dunno. But I really only like Diet Cherry Coke or Dr. Dr Pepper. And I never did drink too much regular soda, I think because growing up my mom never bought it and so I always felt it tasted too sweet to drink on a daily basis or something.


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