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Why Candy Corn Deserves Our Respect: An Appreciation

I love the ingredients listed in the beginning of the piece: "sugar, corn syrup, fondant, marshmallow, and water." Basically, sugar + water = corn

Brown Butter Bourbon Cookies

Pretty please, post the ingredients' weights for this recipe.

Bake the Book: Monkey Bread

I hate to harp on this, but while I agree that this accurately distiguishes between toffee and caramel CANDY, we are talking sauce here, which does not have the same definition.

Bake the Book: Monkey Bread

@jaykayen thought exactly the same thing. Caramel sauce is defined by presence of caramelized sugar, not cream & butter. You can make a caramel sauce w/ any liquid: water, juice, etc.

Taiwanese Meat Sauce With Rice (Lu Rou Fan)

Is this ever served w/ a runny egg on top? Seems like a perfect runny egg dish to me.

First Look: At Red Gravy, Saul Bolton Brings Southern Italy to Brooklyn Heights

@Max, I might be mistaken, but doesn't SE's very own verysmallanna make that focaccia?

My Pie Monday: BBQ Brisket, Pizza Pringles, Kobe Beef Bacon, and More!

@millions, that is a beauty, and thanks for the shout-out! What dough formula are you using?

@Adam, wanna give up a bit more info about that sauce??

Atmast's Pizza Formula

@millions, very impressed w/ the success you're having & can't wait for the next MPM!

@shawnbusken, I feed my starter w/ cold water at the same time that I make the preferment, both 10-14 hrs before I'm going to mix my dough. Then I "Combine water, preferment, natural starter…, and flour. Mix by hand until just combined," as stated in the recipe.

Are there metallic off-flavors from a pizza steel?

@Meat Guy, thanks for explaining what I've been tasting! Definitely hate using real silver. I can taste the aluminum in cans, but I think I must be used to it, because I don't mind it. As for the steel, before I cleaned the mill scale off of my first DIY steel, the metallic flavor (and smell!) was almost overwhelming. After I cleaned it, though, not so much. And I've not tasted it much from by real Baking Steel.

Atmast's Pizza Formula

@millions, those pies look gorgeous! I haven't taken my steel temp in a while, but I remember trying for a target temp in the 600s. Any hotter and burning the underside was inevitable. I'm baking tomorrow, so will infrared it and report back to you. You might also try moving the steel closer to your broiler. The further away the steel is from the lower heating element, the longer you have before you must switch to the broiler.

Atmast's Pizza Formula

@millions, okay, here goes (and thanks for being so patient!). Begin by taking a sheet of "heavy" aluminum foil and fold it in half. Take a paper towel and fold it in quarters. Place the folded paper towel in the center of the folded aluminum foil and trim the foil so that it is about an inch and a half larger than the towel on all sides (don't cut the folded edge of the foil, though, because you want it to stay connected). Place a wooden dowel (I use the handle of a wooden spoon) in the center of the towel and roll the whole shebang around the dowel. You should now have a tube that is covered in foil, with a towel core. Slide the dowel out from the tube, cinch one end of the foil tube closed and leave one end open. Fill the tube with tap water, and dump out the water. The towel will now be soaked. Make sure that the center of your tube is still hollow by slipping the dowel in and then out again. Freeze your foil tube solid, until ready to use.

This is how I use the tube to bake my pizza. I preheat the oven as hot as it will go. This takes about 45 minutes. After the oven is fully preheated, I place the frozen foil tube over the protruding thermostat probe at the top left of my oven (I use an oven mitt). I wait about 5 minutes (never more than 7, though, or my oven gets too hot and the pizza bottom burns before the top cooks) then turn on the broiler. As soon as the broiler is on, I top the pizza and bake. My bake time is about 80 to 100 seconds. Your times and temperatures may vary based on your oven and baking surface (stone or steel).

Whatever you do, make sure to remove the foil tube from the thermostat probe as soon as you are finished baking (and definitely use an oven mitt!). Then just let it cool, refill with water as before, refreeze, and it'll be ready to use the next time. You can also make multiples for use when making a lot of pizzas.

A lot of this is difficult to explain, and I wish I could have provided a visual guide! Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can clarify any of the steps. Also, let me know how it goes!

Atmast's Pizza Formula

@shawnbusken, I'm glad you were happy with your crust! The recipe doubles very well, and I have to say I'm jealous and impressed that you have a baking surface (stone/steel) large enough to bake a 500 g stretched ball of dough! As for the cheese, a few questions for you: are you using the broiler; on what rack level are you baking; and what is your bake-time?

@millions, I haven't forgotten about you. In fact I just spent 15 min tapping out a response on my iPhone only to accidentally erase it. Ugh. If you can wait until tomorrow, your patience will be rewarded.

Atmast's Pizza Formula

@DT, please see my response at comment #7. If this doesn't provide an adequate response, let me know!

@millions, I'll give you a better description in a bit…

The Pizza Lab: Foolproof Pan Pizza

@gomey, Kenji answered this above, in comment #18. Basically make 3/4 of the recipe and use all the resulting dough in the 12" skillet.

@Kenji, Thanks for redeeming the pizza of my childhood. This must be my next My Pie Monday!

Atmast's Pizza Formula

@derricktung I haven't tried it with 00 mostly because I'm very happy w/ my results using KABF. I haven't been able to find a reliable source for 00 where I live — the bags I've bought have been very inconsistent. If using 00, though, you might want to try a bit less water. If you try it, please let me know how you like it and what works for you.

Baking Steel

Get a Superpeel. Seriously. No more parchment, no excess flour, and no more sticking. I got one for Christmas, and it's amazing.

Atmast's Pizza Formula

@Adam, a bit of further testing on my part, and I have to say that using all-starter (as I suggested could be done in the head-note) is inferior to the mix of IDY preferment and starter that is actually in the recipe. Let me know how you like the results; I'm curious to hear how it works with your non-broiler setup.

Atmast's Pizza Formula

@Tim, Yay! I often make it without starter too. Depends on how much pre-planning I've been able to manage. Can't wait to see the pics, & Happy Holidays to you too!

Atmast's Pizza Formula

@vijay_tv I'm thrilled to hear it worked so well for you! I hope to see some pictures on My Pie Monday sometime soon. I've not tried the recipe with 00 flour but would love to hear about your results if you do. Happy holidays!

Atmast's Pizza Formula

@Tim, Do it! I used Peter Reinhart's pineapple juice method, and my starter's been going strong for 3 years. The method is pretty widely available via the internets.

Atmast's Pizza Formula

You can if you want, but I don't reccomend it. Because if you do, you'll also have to proportionally reduce the amount of yeast, and it's really difficult to measure less than 1/8th of a teaspoon (or less than .6 grams for that matter).

Boston: Japonaise Bakery's Shoku Pan

If you search the term TangZhong, you will learn the secret. I've been making at least 1 loaf a week for the past several months since discovering the technique.