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Baking Bread with Rapid Rise Yeast

@smsingram - Thanks so much for this! I am going to check out your links and definitely will try the challah! Also, good to know about the rapid rise yeast; I have wondered if that was the right type to be using!

Baking Bread with Rapid Rise Yeast

Hi! First off, thanks to everyone for your comments. These are - overall -very helpful!

I live in NC, and I've been trying out several different *basic* bread recipes over the last year. I am an avid baker and have pretty much mastered things like cookies, cakes, and pie crust, but I am really a *beginner* when it comes to bread.

Thanks to @Cady36 and @dbcurrie for links to helpful recipes/articles. I think the suggestions that several made about water temp and amount of flour are spot on... My water is probably on the cold side, which is causing the rising process to take a lot longer. And since I'm new to this, I've been trying to follow recipes to a "t" and always get worried when nothing's happened after the allotted rising time. I do always make sure that the yeast is always new, not old and laying around for a while.

I can also sympathize with several of the comments on here about trying to bake anything at altitude. I just spent 3 months in La Paz, Bolivia (~12,000 ft) and am currently in Quito, Ecuador (~10,000 ft). All the rules change at that altitude and the things I said I was good at baking... well, I'm not anymore. haha

I will have to give all of your recommendations a try when I get back to NC.

@hollymayberry - Do you have suggestions of *where* to find a bread baking class? I have never come across one... though I'll admit I haven't looked either. More generally, do you or anyone else have a favorite bread baking book to recommend??

@bobcatsteph3 - Thanks for your comment... that makes me feel much better about this whole thing!

Advice for a Traveler Turning to Vegetarianism in South America?

Thanks for this, Claire. Looks great! I will definitely take a closer look through your recipes!

Advice for a Traveler Turning to Vegetarianism in South America?

Thank you both for this advice! I think you make some great points and suggestions that I will definitely be trying out in the next few days. I'm also going to check out the blog! Thanks again!


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