I'm a recent college graduate from the south side of Chicago, and I have real passion for food, my Mexican heritage.

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  • Location: Chicago
  • Favorite foods: TACOS! Are one of my favorite foods, I enjoy eating simple food with great comfort taste.
  • Last bite on earth: Any delicious savory meal with my family and good friends

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Busco Tacos

Lazy Sundays are the best! It’s the perfect opportunity to lounge around the house, catch up on this fall’s TV series, which for me happens to be Boardwalk Empire, and order some take-out. This Sunday, la familia had an itching for tacos, rightfully so; they turned to their rooky taco blogger.

I suggested that we try Zacatacos on 59th and Pulaski, even though as noted in a previous posting, I am not ecstatic about their tacos. But, I was enthusiastic because not all taquerias in a chain serve the same quality or taste of food, which could challenge the concept of a chain. Unlike this weekend’s episode of Boardwalk Empire that served a saucy Brooklyn love affair between a 1920’s gangster and showgirl, my tacos from Zacatacos were stale, but tolerable.

Maybe, there is another Zacatacos in my future? Until then I hope people will continue to send in their suggestions.


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