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Latke-Crusted Turkey Stuffing Fritters With Liquid Cranberry Core and Schmaltz Gravy

Made these for our Thanksgivukah celebration and they turned out perfect and got rave reviews! I even made them all gluten free :-)
The one thing you didn't mention in your instructions was to squeeze the liquid from the shredded potatoes and onions before mixing the latke batter. Those familiar with making latkes would know this step, but those who are not might end up with really soupy batter.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

Incredibly similar to Smitten Kitchen's Chocolate peanut butter layer cake.

Top This: Why Don't We Put More Broccoli On Pizza?

I worked at Edwardo's for a while and we loved to put broccoli on pizza. It was best paired with thinly sliced elephant garlic - both put on raw.
Great. Now I am hungry.

Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

cooking egg whites and sugar for Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Who makes the latkas in your family?

Grandma (on my father's side) taught my Mom to make them. She taught me, but mostly she makes the latkes while I make the rest of dinner. She also makes homemade applesauce every year to serve with the latkes.
The best part? My Mom is Episcopalian (the rest of us are Jews) - but she makes a fabulous Jewish Mother.

Gift Guide: For Cake Bakers

I have the cupcake caddy shown in the picture and it doesn't work well at all. At least not for cupcakes. The rings to hold the cupcakes in are too shallow, and are too close together.
However, it works well for transporting bar cookies, the double decker tray allows you to bring more in one container.

Gadgets: Ninja Cooking System

Sigh. Now I can add another expensive item to my never-ending wish list.

Video: Crazy Toppings for Cheeseburgers

I had a burger with peanut butter and bacon. I was skeptical at first, but it was delicious.

Halloween Traditions?

I used to do chili and cornbread before the kids would go out for trick-or-treat. The arrangement is different after divorce - now I pick the kids up after school and get them in costume, take pictures and then drop them off with the ex so he can take them Trick-or-Treating. That way we both get to do our favorite part of the holiday with the kids.
@Kenji - my birthday is the day before Halloween. I ALWAYS wanted a costume party for my birthday when I was a kid but my parents would never do it. I threw a HUGE costume party for my 21st birthday during my senior year in college - totally awesome. Haven't done it since, though.

Kid's Desserts

Cake pops, while too sweet for many adults, are usually a big hit with kids. Bakerella has tons of ideas on her website for decorating them specifically for a theme, but you can just do different colored candy melts with sprinkles or whatever.
I have also seen where people will put a stick in the middle of an oreo and dip them in candy melts.
"Ice cream cone" cupcakes are easy and totally cute - put your cake batter inside an ice cream cone and then make the frosting look like ice cream (google it for lots of images).
Worms'n'dirt - Small clear plastic cups with layers of brownies and chocolate pudding - top with oreo crumbs (the dirt) and stick some gummy worms in. Again - google it for lots of pictures.
Set up a table with a big plate of plain cookies and dishes of icings and different toppings so that each kid can frost and then decorate their own cookie. Can do the same thing with cupcakes.

Sponsored Post and Advertising on Serious Eats

I don't have a problem with them at all. It only takes the slightest bit of attention to see that a post is sponsored and decide whether to read it.

Cheese or cheese sauce on nachos?

So...sort of a sidejack, but can anyone identify the flavor that is "nacho"? I have made Kenji's cheese sauce and LOVE it, but I can't figure out what the missing flavor is between that and the "nacho" bright orange stuff that you can buy.

Gluten Free

Adding (because I hit post too soon) - I am not affiliated with the products I mentioned in any way either. Just have learned through trial and error which ones are worth using and which aren't. Trying to pass along what I have found works best.
It is true that most pre-made gluten free breads etc that you can buy are terrible. You have to bake your own if you want them to be good.

Gluten Free

KNitter - I beg to disagree. Our household has been gluten and corn free due to allergies for a couple of years now. It is very rare for someone to identify a baked good that I have produced as gluten free. My cakes, pies, quick breads, yeast breads and other types of baked goods are all just as good as anything made with gluten. The exception so far is pizza crust - I have yet to perfect it. That said, my kids still say my pizza is the best.
You just have to learn to use the right ingredients and to work with them properly. There are also a ton of products out now that make the process of substitution so much easier.
I bought a bread machine and I bake our sandwich bread - the types that you can buy (like Udi's) are terrible. Our home-made bread is great. I also make dinner rolls, soft pretzels, hamburger buns etc and they all are scarfed up by gluten free and "normal" people alike.

If you search gluten free on the web you will come up with tons of blogs. I am not affiliated with any of them in any way - these are a couple that have taught me a lot:
Gluten free girl and the Chef
Gluten free goddess
Gluten free baking (the owner of that one also is the author of the Gluten Free Tuesdays column here on SE)

Products that I have found to be incredible and make the process so much easier (especially until you are used to making your own flour blends or things from scratch):
Pamela's - their flours and pancake mix are fabulous. Their cake mixes are so good that I use them as the base for almost all of my cakes that have to be gf. Nobody EVER thinks that they are gluten free - I get massive compliments on my cakes and cupcakes.
King Arthur Flour - their mixes are also wonderful and they have a couple of different all purpose gluten free flour blends.

18 Easy Ways to Eat Peanut Butter

I had a burger on a sourdough bun the other day with peanut butter and bacon. It was fabulous!

Cook the Book: 'The Mile End Cookbook'

Corned beef on rye with coleslaw on the sandwich. Potato knish on the side and Rugelach for dessert.

What's the most decadent thing you've eaten at a fair?

I always get the deep fried alligator bites (with hush puppies) at the MN State Fair. I don't think they taste anything like chicken. And the alligator on a stick doesn't taste like teriyaki chicken either. But whateves.
Most indulgent..a Minneapple pie (deep fried apple pie with cinnamon sugar and ice cream). Not the best apple pie filling in the world, but yummy.

Portable July 4th Picnic Dessert?

If the weather will permit - chocolate dipped strawberries? Or, if you want to go really Fourth of July, dip strawberries in white chocolate and then dip the tip of it into blue sprinkles. Red, white and blue treats :-)

Gadgets: The Stem Gem

My kids bought me one of these for Christmas last year and it is great!