Carly Gilfoil

Nutrition student at NYU. Eternally searching for the line between weird and gross.

  • Location: New York, NY
  • Favorite foods: mac and cheese, pizza, bread, brownies, cookies, brownie-cookies, weird combinations of familiar things
  • Last bite on earth: a perfect plate of pasta.

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Best Fries in NYC?

Good call! I was thinking Foodswings myself and wondering what was wrong with me. But they are really, really good--just the way I like them, crispy and panko-like crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

How to Make Pizza Monkey Bread

YES. Adam: you da man.

I bet this would make awesome garlic knots.

A Sandwich A Day: The Spanish Armada at Saltie

YES. I knew this sandwich would come up eventually. Potatoes, pimenton aioli, egg, olive oil, focaccia. What's not to like?

Saltie is killin' it.

Why We're Paying More for Coffee

Hear, hear. It comes from both ends--people need to accept that they should be paying more for their food, and producers should (in a perfect world; or perhaps it should be mandated) maintain a set of ethical and environmental standards. Of course, this means that everything is going to be more expensive, and more needs to be done to ensure that those in poverty or those at risk of poverty can afford to buy food as well.

All in all, we're going to have to learn to live with less, and make it profitable to work as a farmer in order for this to work on a grand scale. Great post!

A Sandwich a Day: Best Pizza's Meatball Sub

Great, thanks a lot, Adam. As if my wallet wasn't already severely compromised every time I get off the L at Bedford.

But seriously, Best Pizza is awesome.

12 Nutty Treats for the Holidays, Each with a Different Nut

What about the Redhead's bacon peanut brittle? Liddabit's pecan pie bar?

General Tso's Chips from Target: Wait, What?

@ByrdBrain I'm definitely a fan of Buttered Popcorn Jellybeans. In fact, I would argue that that's the whole point of jellybeans--they don't have one main flavor, but take on so many other different flavors. That makes jellybeans the ultimate TTTLOT, because they have to taste like other things.

Good suggestions, all. I want to try everything!

Winter Drinks With Will: Hot Buttered Mai Tai

If this is who I think it is, then welcome! Excuse me as I run for cover.

Video: Pho vs. Faux

@jessjess and @exflexitarian ftw.

Meet & Eat: Hannah Smith-Drelich, Serious Eats Intern

Aw, man ! Now I feel like I really missed out on all those food books. I had James and the Giant Peach, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,, and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie...

How the USDA Is Making Us Eat More Cheese

@Chris Gregory
That article is from a journal published by Croatia and Czech societies, not U.S. societies of nutrition or medicine. Try this one from the Journal of the American Medical Association, or may I suggest the Journal of the American Dietetic Association?

How the USDA Is Making Us Eat More Cheese

@Chris Gregory
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Low fat and low saturated fat diets haven't been scientifically proven to be healthy? What planet are you living on? High intake of saturated fat leads to higher serum cholesterol leads to greater fat deposits in the walls of the blood vessels leads to atherosclerosis, coronary heart and artery disease, congestive heart failure, hypertension, and a whole host of really not fun diseases. High intake of fats in general puts you at risk of obesity, which leads back to these diseases. Limiting intake of carbohydrates starves tissues in your body--important ones like the brain and the red blood cells. Things you kinda can't live without. And you don't need a study to tell you that saturated fats and overconsumption of fats AND/OR carbohydrates too, are bad for you--just the millions of people affected by these conditions. Ask any one of them.

I have to agree with Adam. Like these companies can't afford to/won't take advantage of marketing their product as somewhat "healthy"? Well at least they can finally make their partnership with the government public. You know what they say, what's good for business is good for America.

I have to say, though--it is your choice whether to buy pizza or Taco Bell. Of course some populations will be more susceptible to this than others. But if this went into school lunches, WIC programs, or food stamps--if cheese were forced onto people--then I think the government could be to blame for a higher saturated fat intake and encouraging unhealthy behaviors.
(But wait--that actually sounds familiar.)

Meet & Eat: Carly Gilfoil, Serious Eats Intern

I'm majoring in nutrition, so if you have any nutrition-related questions, ask away!

@oliv henr hi! I didn't know you read serious eats :)

Meet & Eat: Carly Gilfoil, Serious Eats Intern

thanks, all!
I think a trip to Shopsin's is in order.

Pizza Obsessives: Maggie Hoffman

Try Joe's around the corner from John's, at Cornelia and Bleecker...a really good classic New York slice ! There's a lot of really good pizza around there...

Fresh Food on TV: Weekday Edition

PBS does rule. I'll try to focus more on that when I'm doing this roundup from now on.
I usually try to look for shows that are showing new episodes during the week and feature those, but that does tend to lean heavily on the Cooking Channel/Food Network. Good suggestion, thanks!

Fresh Food on TV: Weekend Edition

@bessfour yes! I always look out for food movies that are showing during the week. Now if only I got Sundance channel....

A Sandwich A Day: #12 Roast Beef Press at Grey Dog

My favorite place ! Try the one in the West Village.

Neighborhood Slugfest: Cafe Amore versus Bravo Pizza

I live next door to Cafe Amore, and yeah, it's pretty terrible.
Try New Amici around the corner on 3rd Ave & 12th. Some interesting offerings.

A Sandwich A Day: Fried Pimento Cheese at Hill Country Chicken

As someone who has training in dietetics, I try to say something positive health-wise about every food I come across. There is nothing positive health-wise to be said about this sandwich.

Perhaps that is what makes it so incredibly delicious.

Knife Skills: How to Cut Swiss Chard and Other Braising Greens

Yesss. I really needed this. I was eternally wondering how much of the stem to cut out.

Vendy Finalist: King of Falafel

False accusations! We settled into our chairs jealous of your quest for fried foods and chicken and rice !