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What are the measuring rules for recipes in Serious Eats

As our British cousins say about measuring water, "a pint's a pound the world 'round.

Roasting Vegtables

Too cool an oven. Needs to be 425-degrees for 25minutes for 1-inch chunks.

Armoire of Knives (need recommendations..)

Most versatile knife in my collection is a high-quality, wooden-handled boning knife that I bought in a restaurant supply store 25 years ago.

What is that subway smell?

Doesn't anyone moderate this column for language and repulsive references?

What would you do with grape jelly?

I make a pancake the size of a 10" skillet. After turning, spread it with grape jelly, roll it up and lightly sprinkle it with sugar. Kid pleaser!

Make-Ahead Chimichurri Shrimp and Corn Salad

It looks like there're more veggies on that salad than corn, red pepper a fennel, yes?

Shochu -- what's a good brand?

I'm a regular drinker of soju on the rocks with a twist of lemon peel as a cocktail or as a meal accompaniment in place of white wine or sake. For an everyday soju, I'd recommend the Korean brand, Jinro, @ about $15 for a 1.75ml bottle.

Why Nacho Cheese Doritos Taste Like Heaven

I thought they'd stopped making original flavor Doritos; haven't found them in my Stop&Shop for years. I guess that here on Cape Cod when people want "plain" they go for tortilla chips.

Should I buy lodge cast iron pizza pan?

Start going to tag sales. You'll find all the iron pans you want; and some are even well-seasoned

Better Ideas for "French Dip" Beef Sandwiches?

Buy whatever upscale boneless beef on sale that day/week at your butcher's and have him half freeze it and then slice it at the end of his day on his deli meat slicing machine. You gotta come back in the morning.

Best Frozen Spinach Brand?

Echoing Birdseye in the foil pkg. Also, their creamed version is VG.

Maple whiskey: yes or no?

had maple-flavored whiskey served to me on the rocks on an Air Canada flight. Not bad, but it's a one drink drink

Baked potatoes?

T'was at Covent Garden in London in the Fifties that I first discovered this versatile, hearty and tasty dish; there called Jacket Potatoes.

History of Creamed Chipped Beef (a.k.a. S.O.S.)?

Grew up on this dish always made made with chipped beef, plus pimentos and peas for color as well as flavor.

Korean War era army made it with hamburger which was fairly dreadful and from whence I've always assumed the sobriquet SOS came.

Hamburger with Fried Egg: Who Invented

It's French (bien sur!). Called steak hache oeuf a cheval (thereby reminding us that nos amis francais eat horsemeat. (with apologies to Marianne for absent accent marks)

Cape Cod?

If you get to north side mid-cape try The Old Yarmouth Inn in Yarmouth Port. Upscale but not pricey for pizza and you can take out.

Is there a Cilantro gene?

I have always thought -- and now validated by all the comments -- that cilantro is a classic example of acquired taste. I too started off hating it and now find it indispensable when called for.

Chocolate Stout Bundt Cake

Tried it for St. Patrick's dinner. DY-NO-MITE! That sprinkling on top I asked about above turns out to have been cocoa.

Freezing bread

Not sure it gets better, but in my experience it doesn't deteriorate. Freezing bread to stretch its life is the best thing since, well since...sliced bread. But don't slice before freezing.

Pepper Jelly?

I make pepper jam with jalapeno peppers. Gets raves.

How do I cook pork for fried rice?

Fusion secret: pick up a pork carnitas at Trader Joe's and shred.


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