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Smoked Char Siu Pork Shoulder Steaks

Tried this on my new smoker over the weekend. AWESOME!!! And it looked exactly like the pic! Making char sui bao with the leftovers! Yum!!

Win a Copy of 'Paris Pastry Club'

A vanilla chiffon cake layered with vanilla pastry cream, fresh fruit, and buttercream frosting. I never have any leftovers no matter how big I mamake it!

Comfort food that freezes well.

AWESOME Thanks everyone! I have a lot of ideas to work with!

One Bowl Baking: Super Crumb Raspberry Almond Crumb Cake

These are SUPER YUMMY!!! They also stay very moist for a couple days! This goes on my make again(and again) list. :)

First Time Making Bread, help!

Another idea to proof your bread is use your microwave. Boil a cup of water in the microwave it creates are nice warm moist place for your bread much like a proof box professionals use. I place the cup in the back corner so I don't have to move it once the water is boiling. Place bowl with dough (I do covered for this part) let rise according to recipe. Then once shaped place back in microwave to proof final time (pan and all). You may have to reheat the water. Good luck!

Tea Recommendations

I have two websites I get tea from They have hundreds of teas to choose from! Chocolate raspberry truffle & cherry cordial are a couple of my favs you can order small samples of the flavors as well. Second is I get the strawberries and cream green (comes in black as well), pumpkin pie, Marsala chai, & cherry black. The fruit flavors I tend to make iced tea with & the spiced teas I love hot.