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weirdly textured mac n cheese -- help?

I've never used parm in the sauce but I usually sprinkle it on top sometimes with bread crumbs and fresh parsley

in my sauce I use cheddar (flavor) and Jack (meltability). I found out the hard way that cheaper brands tend to make a grainy sauce.

What is in your salad?

I don't know about strange but I love a salad with spinach and arugula with bacon and balsamic vinaigrette

I Won't Eat It

Wow, 57 (so far) this was a good topic huh?

I Won't Eat It

wow, some of you are just crazy. Maple syrup? Eggs? BACON!!?? I couldn't live without bacon... then again I am fairly sure it had something to do with my heart disease... its a bittersweet love.

I Won't Eat It

@Les ah - Green bean cassarole isn't my fav but i'll eat it. I saw this recipe on Guy Fieri's Thanksgiving special. You might try it -

I Won't Eat It

ya know after reading some of these I don't feel so bad about being a foodie who doesn't like tomatoes. I like ALMOST everything else that has been said.

I Won't Eat It

@millede - I have to agree with LauraJ. I have never really had sulfur-y eggs.

I Won't Eat It

@gargupie - I feel your pain.

@LauraJ - I love me some shrimp, crab, really there isn't a shellfish I haven't liked. I don't exactly know why I have such a dislike for tomatoes. Even the onions and peppers that I don't like I will eat if they are cooked right or if I am being polite but I just can't do tomatoes.

Food Network Shows

@ PancakesRULE I loved that show too. I miss it. Then again, i enjoy watching some of the competition shows like Chopped and URS. I get some recipe ideas from them and sometimes they pull out a unique ingredient that I'm not familiar with.

I Won't Eat It

@merstar I used to hate ricotta too but I realized it depends on the brand... I usually got cheaper stuff for lasagnas and things but the quality makes a difference. It seems that the cheap stuff is kind of grainy which is what I didn't like about it.

I Won't Eat It

@gbania I like pickled beets... not sure that I have ever had them otherwise.

@kmgagne yeah, I hear you on cottage cheese. I'm ok with yogurt though.

mashed potato help

I use new red sometimes and never have had gluey mash... I generally don't over mash them. I give a good mashing and then FOLD in my butter, sour cream, etc. They won't be creamy smooth but then again I like a little chunk to my mashed potatoes. It really provides a great canvas for being a little more adventurous with the flavors.

If you are looking for a smooth, creamy texture you are going to want to try a different potato like the Yukon or Russet and maybe cut the potatoes smaller before cooking. This way there is less mashing needed. You could also use a ricer/food mill but not everyone has one.

Help! Need some Southern apps for May 1st

I have made some Crab Deviled Eggs in the past and they were a hit. I saw a similar recipe on Giada's show the other day -

Food Network Shows

to be honest there isn't much on FN that I DON'T watch. I don't care too much for Barefoot Contessa as I feel like she is talking down to me all the time because I don't live in the Hamptons. I'm not a big fan of Semi-home made, $10 Dinners or Tasty Travels. I will watch just about any other show on there but my favs are DDD, Good Eats, Grill It and Guy's Big Bite.


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