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weirdly textured mac n cheese -- help?

I've never used parm in the sauce but I usually sprinkle it on top sometimes with bread crumbs and fresh parsley

in my sauce I use cheddar (flavor) and Jack (meltability). I found out the hard way that cheaper brands tend to make a grainy sauce.

What is in your salad?

I don't know about strange but I love a salad with spinach and arugula with bacon and balsamic vinaigrette

I Won't Eat It

Wow, 57 (so far) this was a good topic huh?

I Won't Eat It

wow, some of you are just crazy. Maple syrup? Eggs? BACON!!?? I couldn't live without bacon... then again I am fairly sure it had something to do with my heart disease... its a bittersweet love.

I Won't Eat It

@Les ah - Green bean cassarole isn't my fav but i'll eat it. I saw this recipe on Guy Fieri's Thanksgiving special. You might try it -

I Won't Eat It

ya know after reading some of these I don't feel so bad about being a foodie who doesn't like tomatoes. I like ALMOST everything else that has been said.

I Won't Eat It

@millede - I have to agree with LauraJ. I have never really had sulfur-y eggs.

I Won't Eat It

@gargupie - I feel your pain.

@LauraJ - I love me some shrimp, crab, really there isn't a shellfish I haven't liked. I don't exactly know why I have such a dislike for tomatoes. Even the onions and peppers that I don't like I will eat if they are cooked right or if I am being polite but I just can't do tomatoes.

Food Network Shows

@ PancakesRULE I loved that show too. I miss it. Then again, i enjoy watching some of the competition shows like Chopped and URS. I get some recipe ideas from them and sometimes they pull out a unique ingredient that I'm not familiar with.

I Won't Eat It

@merstar I used to hate ricotta too but I realized it depends on the brand... I usually got cheaper stuff for lasagnas and things but the quality makes a difference. It seems that the cheap stuff is kind of grainy which is what I didn't like about it.

I Won't Eat It

@gbania I like pickled beets... not sure that I have ever had them otherwise.

@kmgagne yeah, I hear you on cottage cheese. I'm ok with yogurt though.

mashed potato help

I use new red sometimes and never have had gluey mash... I generally don't over mash them. I give a good mashing and then FOLD in my butter, sour cream, etc. They won't be creamy smooth but then again I like a little chunk to my mashed potatoes. It really provides a great canvas for being a little more adventurous with the flavors.

If you are looking for a smooth, creamy texture you are going to want to try a different potato like the Yukon or Russet and maybe cut the potatoes smaller before cooking. This way there is less mashing needed. You could also use a ricer/food mill but not everyone has one.

Help! Need some Southern apps for May 1st

I have made some Crab Deviled Eggs in the past and they were a hit. I saw a similar recipe on Giada's show the other day -

Food Network Shows

to be honest there isn't much on FN that I DON'T watch. I don't care too much for Barefoot Contessa as I feel like she is talking down to me all the time because I don't live in the Hamptons. I'm not a big fan of Semi-home made, $10 Dinners or Tasty Travels. I will watch just about any other show on there but my favs are DDD, Good Eats, Grill It and Guy's Big Bite.

On a Desert Island

Many years ago my friends and I would always ask each other "what ONE THING would you bring if you were going to be stranded on a desert island?" so now I pose the same question to you. Keep it culinary related and put some effort into your answers. This could be fun.

I Won't Eat It

It seems that the chefs on Food Network and other shows will eat almost anything but are there any "common" foods that you hate? I'm not looking for offal or exotic ingredients but stuff you find everywhere.

I'll start: I HATE tomatoes. I don't mind sauce but I don't like chunks of tomatoes in it. I'm also not a big fan of onions or bell peppers but when they are cooked in something and depending on the preparation they are tolerable.

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