Jinx's Pit's Top Barbecue in Charlottesville, VA: The Best Pork Sandwich I've Ever Had

I'd also like to add that I would gladly fight anyone to the death over the defense of Chichi's claim that this was "the best."

Jinx's Pit's Top Barbecue in Charlottesville, VA: The Best Pork Sandwich I've Ever Had

I am fortunate that I was there that day! This was, without doubt, one of the most perfect and exhilarating meals I have ever in my life had the pleasure of enjoying. It's impossible to convey how truly exquisite -- divine, even -- this pork sandwich was.

mason jars in brooklyn?

hey everyone! i found a bunch of mason jars at an ace hardware store on flatbush ave. really affordable. thanks!

Carnivores Feeding the Vegan Masses.

I'd take a look into macrobiotic foods, which is almost entirely whole grains, vegetables, and pickles (with a little soy thrown in every now and again). I'd try spicing it a little more than macros like, though -- curry and other pungent spices might be the ticket.

Do You Like Eating Pie Crust By Itself?

@PommeDG: Knowing Robyn's mom personally... yeah, this conversations definitely happened.

Happy World Vegetarian Day

Girlfriend-On-Vacation Food Pyramid

this is just another example of how food and cooking becomes gendered. it reinforces gender stereotypes. i tend to be a better cook than a lot of the women i know; i just don't think it's funny -- using gender stereotypes for humor is easy and unoriginal at best, and sexist at worst.

Gallery of Rice Cakes from Seoul's 7th International Tteok Fair

yeah, every time i've seen it it's been spelled ddukk.

One Dozen Trader Joe's Eggs, Each with a Double Yolk

that ain't right, and i'm from a chicken farm...

McDonald's Filet-O-Fish: Yea or Nay?

well, i'm on a lifelong boycott of mcdonald's altogether, so i can't say as i'd even consider considering whether or not the filet is good OR bad.

Cook the Book: 'Summer on a Plate'

my dad cooked almost every meal i ever ate growing up. food for thought, the vegetarian cafe in london, taught me the sublime joys of vegetarian food. and peter reinhart taught me what was good bread, and how to bake it.

Anheuser-Busch to Stop Selling Alcoholic Energy Drinks

noooooooo! this stuff got me through so many dj gigs.

The UK's Dumpster-Diving Game Show: 'Ready Steady Skip'

Sourdough Doesn't Always Mean 'Good'

sourdough is excellent in almost every application! SF sourdough is famous because of their particular wild yeast. back in the early days of bread, before commercial processes were developed for baker's and instant yeast, every bread was sourdough because the only way to grow the yeast culture was through capturing wild yeast. SF had a particularly nice strain, and that's why they have such a wonderful bread culture there. anyone who complains that sourdough isn't appropriate for certain cheeses or wines really needs to check themselves -- a lot of these cheeses were developed to be paired with sourdough, the only bread available at the time anywhere in the world.

In Videos: Bert and Ernie Make a Shopping List

that was really cute!

The Phaal Challenge at Brick Lane Curry House: Spiciest Curry Ever?

that was probably the most intense capsicum experience of my life. speaking of ego, i'm pretty proud that i actually accomplished it :) my certificate of honour is definitely on my wall. but dang if that wasn't the strooooong stuff.

Real Girls Eat Whatever They Want

that is a stupid shirt both for it's privileging of meat-eating and the reinforcement of gender roles that it's advertising. eat meat or don't eat meat all you want, but why cloak it under a rhetoric of what makes someone a "real man" or a "real woman"? i always get pretty irritated with the assumption that men are SUPPOSED to eat fatty, meaty foods and women and SUPPOSED to eat yogurt and strawberries; food, especially delicious food, transcends ALL social roles -- sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, creed, nationality, etc.!! food is a great unifier! why gender it?

Where To Find Fried Pickles on the East Coast

i grew up in rural virginia and had a lot of delicious fried foods -- fried okra, fried zucchini, hush puppies, fried catfish, fried turkey, fried green tomatoes -- but never fried pickles! will have to seek these out the next time i'm home.

An Homage to Kimchi

oh jeez, this is my favorite food. what a fitting homage.

In Videos: Cell Phones Pop Popcorn Kernels

i want to believe. i really do.

Guerilla Gardening

every inch of empty space i see i long to have a flowering garden! community gardens, guerilla or not, are the greatest thing ever and are so necessary for community wellbeing and our planet. that's what i say.

Photo of the Day: Union Square Farmer's Market Salad

i seriously want to make this! halved-grapes? that sounds delicious, especially with the combination of sprouts. i'm a texture eater, so this spells nom.

Where to Get Free Häagen-Dazs Today

i just want to say that the new flavors are so awesome. though my favorite is the pomegranate sorbet. but i guess i'm a day late to get it for free. shucks.

Have a Set of Carving Knives? Time to Play with Your Food!

this is so cool.

Cook the Book: 'Whole Grains: Every Day, Every Way'

sweet sweet quinoa (although technically that's a seed, and not a grain. so if i were being technical, i'd say the humble yet delicious brown rice)

tsukemono recipes?

hey everyone,
wondering if anyone could point me links to pickle certain japanese vegetables -- daikon, burdock, ginger, and kabu in particular. is there a useful and definitive online resource for pickling japanese vegetables?

oh, i should also note that i am going to be hot-bath pickling, if that makes a difference.

mason jars in brooklyn?

i really want to do some pickling/kombucha brewing today, but the only place i know to buy mason jars is brooklyn kitchen, in williamsburg. is there anyplace closer to me, in crown heights? maybe in prospect heights or park slope? thanks!

macrobiotic in nyc?

hey y'all,
i'm looking for a place for dinner tonight in the east village. i know souen on 13th is closed for renovations until the fall. does anyone know of anyplace else? i think tiengarten is a close comparison but i am also looking for someplace new. thanks!

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