Recommendations for Israel - Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Tiberias?

Well, if you're looking for an adventure, there's really only one place to go: Eyal Shani's The Salon. It's on the border of unique and crazy, and this is why Shani is so much talked-about, some adore him (me, for example), some think he's full of s**t. It's expensive, but it's an existence of a lifetime. They only open Wednesday and Thursday nights, so make sure to make a reservation well ahead of it fits your schedule (+972-52-7035888). If not, try his other place, Abarksas North.

The other place I'll highly recommend is Taizu, probably the best contemporary pan-Asian restaurant in Israel,

Recommendations for Israel - Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Tiberias?

There are many great restaurants I know in Tel Aviv (I'm an Israeli), please direct me to your preferences, mainly regarding food style and price. Just to give you an example to the current prices in Israel - dinner main course in a top restaurant (and in some of the medium-top ones) will cost $20-25 for a non "real meat", and might be double this number for meat-dishes (e.g., fillet, or slow-cooked lamb). Good non-top restaurants might be around 2/3 of these prices. These are really rough estimations.

Are Cronut Lines Still Long?

Thanks, all! I'm really struggling with myself. One me says: "Go! It's a one-time life experience", and the other me says: "Are you crazy?!" :-)

Are Cronut Lines Still Long?

Hello, Dear All!

I'm arriving to NYC next week (Thursday-Monday), and I was wondering if the lines to Dominique Ansel's Cronuts are still long as they used to be.

Practically, at what time should I be there, in order to have a great chance of trying my first Cronut?


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