Argentine Asado Burgers With Seared Provolone and Chimichurri

Love that you have this burger on toasted bread!!!! I thought I was the only one that did that!!!

Behind the Scenes in Jamie's Home Kitchen

Nice to see someone with a normal kitchen!!!!

Cob Smoked Ham

Thanks for all your suggestions.....i have tried glazing one using Ina Gartens orange mango glaze which I've used for yrs &love....the flavors did not work at all together so i've been afraid to glaze with anything else to try and disguise the flavor. its not the "smoke" per se its the flavor of the cob that we dislike. I've been trying to think of a way to remove / lessen it. I'm hesitant to give it away as I dont want to give it to someone that wont like it and the only one i know that specifically likes cob smoked ham is the one that gave it to me....

boobird, no im in the states...(nh) ham is from vt. Love the "voodoo sticks" never heard them called that!
teachertalk, if i could find a way to get them to you...
maybe i'll try soaking it (& changing out the water) & give it another try

Cob Smoked Ham

I have a cob smoked ham that was given to me as a gift. I don't like the taste that the cob smoke imparts. Is there any way to remove /reduce the flavor so I can use it? I'd hate to throw it away.... I was thinking that maybe boiling it (as Julia Child suggested for using bacon in Beef Burgundy) to get the smokiness out...

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