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The New Twinkies: Actually the Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever?

@Burger365 @rlc1972 Zingers? Chocodiles? I feel so ignorant. Thanks for the ideas. Maybe they can be future reviews.

@kaymad On a lark, the other day my friend suggested that we throw a Twinkie into the freezer and it's still sitting there. Now I'm excited to try it.

Serious Entertaining: A Special Summer Birthday Cake

Nice - lemon and berries are a great way to go for summery baked goods. And fewer people at the party means more cake for the rest of us...

Serious Entertaining: Provençal Party

That lemon mousse looks amazing. I love these columns. Keep em coming.

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Serious Entertaining: A Special Summer Birthday Cake

Summer birthdays need some extra love. People born in the June through August period are probably still traumatized by never being able to bring cupcakes into their middle school class, still scarred by all those poorly attended birthday parties when their parents would have to explain, "We're sorry Bobby, but all your friends are out of town. Here, take an extra turn at the pinata." So let's get one thing straight: only birthday cake is birthday cake! And this birthday cake is awesome. More