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Chorizo Crusted Cod and Beans with Arugula Pesto

I made this for dinner and it was outstanding. Such a fabulous, easy dinner. I used pre-made pesto and it worked great. The only thing I would change is that the beans/pesto needed more salt before serving.

We Taste Every Flavor of Zapp's Potato Chips

If you ever see the Spicy Creole Tomato ones, buy every bag. They are Tabasco-tomato flavored deliciousness.

New Orleans: 25 of the Best and Strangest Po' Boys at the Oak Street Po' Boy Festival

@Kat - It's actually the Faded Rose. I am hooked on their half-and-half poboy (fried shrimp and oysters) or roast beef poboy with a side of fries and buttermilk dressing. I grew up eating their frog legs and fried artichoke hearts, but when I moved back from Louisiana I was hooked on poboys and fell for the ones at the Rose. Thank goodness they use the right bread!

I will have to try the one at CBG though!

New Orleans: 25 of the Best and Strangest Po' Boys at the Oak Street Po' Boy Festival

@RegrettableFoodie - I wouldn't say it's impossible to get a poboy elsewhere. My favorite restaurant here gets Leidenheimer bread brought in and they are exactly like what I get when I'm back in NOLA. I do think the vast majority of restaurants don't go that far though...

New Orleans: 25 of the Best and Strangest Po' Boys at the Oak Street Po' Boy Festival

@deglazer - When I want a poboy, I want a drippy roast beef, a fried shrimp/oyster, or even a crabcake poboy from Johnny's in the Quarter. One of my absolute favorite poboys is a Creole meatloaf poboy, which is very typical of the Italian influence in NOLA. But really, the poboy is constantly changing. I think the poboy has just become a vehicle for "fusion," just like we now see Korean tacos and the like. I personally prefer the usual poboys you see on menus in NOLA, but just about 80 years ago poboys were nothing more than potatoes and gravy on French bread and nobody probably thought it would become one of the quintessential foods of NOLA - it was just a way to feed poor workers on strike. It's an evolving food.

Andrew Carmellini's Green Grits

I love green chile cheese grits! I add a beaten egg and then bake them and they puff up and are so light and fluffy. Yum.

New Orleans: 25 of the Best and Strangest Po' Boys at the Oak Street Po' Boy Festival

@redfish - We say po'boys because New Orleanians often don't pronounce the "R" at the end of a word, and over time it just got shortened as a result. It's just part of the accent. If you don't like it, then call it a poor boy.

And I'm okay with random things being in a poboy so long as it's on the correct bread - NOLA-style french bread (i.e. Leidenheimers), crusty on the outside and super airy on the inside. The bread is the determining factor between whether it's a poboy or just a plain ol' sandwich. My neices went to the festival and one of them had a thanksgiving poboy with dressing, cranberries, turkey, etc. and said it was really delicious. I just really want that BBQ shrimp poboy... that sounds heavenly!

@Kat - is Grav okay? I hope it was a minor reaction.

Giveaway: Win a Free All-Natural Bell & Evans Turkey from Pat LaFrieda

The no-bake pumpkin chocolate mousse pie and the cranberry walnut pie are both going on our dinner table for Thanksgiving. That orange chocolate hazelnut tart looks amazing too, but I did a chocolate cashew ginger tart last year so I think I need to branch out...

Soda: Any Tab Fans Out There?

@Regrettablefoodie - I have the same memories. My grandmother always had cans of TAB in her pantry. She died when I was 16, and I've never, ever seen TAB that it didn't immediately make me think of her.

@Kenji - RC Cola is available all over the South I think. It's in several groceries here. It's pretty delicious actually, though I haven't had it in a long time.

Hangover Helper: Waffle House Hash Browns

You have to order them scattered and CRISP (with onions, whatever that is) so each little potato shred gets lovely brown and crispy. Best way!

Would You Try These Extreme Coffee Creamers?

I used to love these kinds of creamers and would drink a lot of them. Then, I read the ingredients. Blech. I have been drinking So Delicious plain coconut creamer, and it is pretty dang good. No weird chemically taste like the other non-dairy creamers.

The Nasty Bits: Bone Marrow and Rice

This is brilliant... however, if I had roasted bone marrow it would never make it into the pan. My hubs and I would eat all of it before I had a chance to cook with it I think. The marrow is really the best part of osso bucco.

Sunday Supper: Jambalaya

Another Louisiana vote that I've never, ever seen or even heard of okra in jambalaya. Okra is delicious, but I'm not sold that it has a place in jambalaya. Interesting idea though and I'd be willing to give it a shot.

@missfishhooks is right, there is a widespread debate about tomatoes in jambalaya. I personally don't use them and generally don't like jambalaya with tomatoes. I was always taught to make good jambalaya, use a cast iron dutch oven and cook the andouille and dark meat chicken pieces until they are deeply browned and the bottom of the pot has lots of yummy dark bits all over it. That's what gives it the brown-ish color and good flavor. I definitely think it needs a bay leaf too.

Beyond Curry: Daal Tadka

I love my electric pressure cooker. Just set the timer, and it senses when there is enough pressure to start the count down, and then it automatically shuts itself off when it's done. You also can't open it without releasing the pressure, so it doesn't risk blowing everything up when you take off the lid. No worrying!

I'll have to try this recipe, I am always looking for new recipes to make with my pressure cooker.

Pear and Frangipane Pie

@Lauren - could I use almond meal in place of grinding my own almonds? I have some in my freezer that I use in gluten-free recipes that would save a step.

The Nasty Bits: Beef Liver

NM red and green chile sauces have no match... they are amazing! I am so happy that you are writing about them, because not enough people know of their deliciousness. We make red chile sauce from whole dried chiles, and I think it turns out better than making it with the powder. Either way, make a massive batch, it freezes exceptionally well. We're actually having enchiladas with red chile sauce for dinner tonight!

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Pumpkin Beer

When you drink the Shocktop pumpkin beer, be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle about how to pour it out. If you drink it straight from the bottle it's terrible. When you pour it out following the instructions, it tastes better (though not great). But honestly, I don't want a beer with instructions.

Top 10 Eats at the Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair

@jotthedot - Arkansas also has its own state fair. The OK/AR border towns just also have one combined, probably because the other state fairs are so far away. The AR fair isn't for a couple weeks I think.

Dinner Tonight: Fried Oyster and Bacon Sandwich

Link sells this sandwich at Cochon in NOLA, and it's truly something to behold. We've made this sandwich before, and it's pretty amazing. I need to make one soon.

Cook the Book: 'Ruhlman's Twenty'

Knife skills. And salting/tasting along the way.

Dinner Tonight: Andouille Po' Boy 'Creolaise'

You can order fabulous andouille from Creole Country Sausage Company in New Orleans. We happened on this place last time we were in NOLA and got bunches of andouille, tasso, boudin, head cheese, and chaurice to bring back home with us. When you order, order all of that stuff because it's delicious! We grilled the chaurice (think Cajun version of smoked chorizo - influence from the Spanish rule over Louisiana) and it was fabulous. I'd never even heard of it before but my NOLA-born father-in-law asked us to track some down for him on our trip. I was so glad we did!!

Chili Con Queso

@JGordon - Ro-tel is easy to find across the South.

I know most people down here make cheese dip with just Velveeta and Ro-Tel, but it's honestly really boring and you need to add cumin and chile powder to make it delicious.

My favorite cheese dip is much like this - sauteed poblano/jalepenos/onions, can of stewed tomatoes, roux, can of evaporated milk, monterrey jack cheese - cooked down then put under the broiler. That burnt-cheese crust that forms is the best part.

Pimento Cheese

Pimento cheese on really soft white sliced bread is a bit of heaven on a plate.

19 Ginger Dessert Recipes We Love

I made this for Cashew Coconut Tart for Thanksgiving last year and it was amazing. It is super ginger-y and delicious!