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Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Chinese Takeout Order?

wonton soup
fried pork dumplings
egg roll
chicken with broccoli (extra broccoli, white rice)
roast pork with vegetables combo platter (pork fried rice, egg roll)

Staff Picks: Favorite Burgers for $5 and Under

mmm, love me some White Manna! You will smell like it the rest of the day, but oh so good.

Homebrewing Protips: Shortcuts to Make Brewing Easier

Keg it instead of bottling - major shortcut! One keg to clean as opposed to ~55 bottles.

...of course, you need to spend a lot more money to hook that system up, but it's worth it if you brew often.


That place is right down the street from me! I've been there a few times.


What was the place called in Parsippany?

What was the most memorable dish at your 1st night seder?

My favorite stuff from the seder (in course order): my boyfriend's mom's charroset (sp?), my boyfriend's mom's matzo stuffing (SO GOOD), and my 4 layer flourless chocolate cake

What was the most memorable dish at your 1st night seder?

@Koala - not drinkers? Doesn't the haggadah say you need to drink several glasses of wine? I'm a shiksa though, what do I know. :-)

Ramsey, New Jersey: Excellent Bar Pizza at Kinchley's Tavern

mmm, Kinchley's is my favorite! Lido's in Hackensack is also pretty good, but not as good as Kinchley's :-)

my boyfriend will fight me on that statement though, his heart (stomach?) belongs to Lido's

Weekend Giveaway: 'The Food Matters Cookbook'

We're eating much less meat than we were before and the meat that we are eating is of a higher quality. We eat very little processed food. We're also trying to eat more seasonally and taking note of where everything we eat is coming from.

Stocking the pantry - what are the bare essentials?

The following are always in my pantry:
rice (long and medium grain)
flour (AP and whole wheat)
sugar (white, light brown, dark brown, powdered)
several packages of pasta and asian noodles
big canned of whole tomatoes
canned beans
a can or two of emergency soup
salt (regular, kosher, sea)
vinegar (white, red wine, apple cider, balsamic, rice)
bread crumbs (regular italian seasoned and panko)
baking soda, baking powder
vanilla (beans and extract)
oils (veggie, olive, sesame, asian chili oil)
seasonings/spices (dried): oregano, rosemary, thyme, cumin, red pepper flakes, turmeric, garam masala, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, sage, a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting
various hot sauce (in fridge or pantry): tabasco, franks, sambal oeleck (sp?), sriracha
popping corn
roasted red peppers
emergency annies mac n cheese

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Belle Farms Foie Gras

it's a tie between confit and foie gras butter on toast

Santa is the Best! What was under your tree?

basically all of my gifts were cooking-related :-)

kitchen aid pasta roller attachment, truffle oil, new oven mitt, lots of cookbooks, new knife block, julia and jacques "cooking at home" dvds

I'm a happy girl - I already have pasta dough resting

Your thoughts on lunches for a group

cream of tomato soup with grilled cheese and a small salad, yum!

What's on your Foodie Christmas List?

pasta roller attachment for my kitchen aid
oodles of cookbooks
grownup knives

Serious Beer: The Best Pumpkin Ales

Dogfish Head Punkin' is my favorite, but I have yet to have any this year - the taste does vary some year to year (as it should, since they're using fresh pumpkin).

Cambridge Brewing Company's Great Pumpkin Ale is also awesome, but sadly I can't get it anymore... maybe I'll have to take a weekend trip up to Boston soon.

Autumn is here! What is your favorite apple?

My favorite kind of apple that I can get right now: Honeycrisp

My all time favorite apple: Pink Lady!

Halving a recipe that calls for one egg...

you can halve the recipe and use the whole egg. I actually made that shortbread last night :-)

I didn't halve it, but several people in the smittenkitchen comments did.

Top Chef Contestants - Least Favorite

I'm still mourning the loss of Kenny. Then I started to really like Tiffany and now she's gone too!

Of the remaining 4, the only one I like is Ed. I can't stand Angelo. I find Kelly slightly annoying, but not terribly so (could not stand Amanda or Alex AT ALL). I don't really care about Kevin. I'm shocked he's still around and some of the others aren't (Tiffany, Kenny).

Carnivores and herbivores eating together.

I love meat but frequently have one my friends (a vegan) over for dinner... Ratatouille is awesome and this time of year everything is extra delicious. I really like the recipe on smitten kitchen ( I serve it over couscous. Gazpacho would also be good this time of year. I like the recipe from Pioneer Woman ( - without the shrimp, of course.

Where Do You Get Your Favorite Pizza?

Kinchleys in Ramsey, NJ - I grew up eating there and it is crazy good.

Boonton NJ: Solid Pizza at Bevacqua's Reservoir Tavern

I went there the first night I moved in to my new apartment! I need to go back, not only because that was over two months ago, but because I didn't even have pizza the time I went (everyone else at the table did though).

When the Good Humor Man Is a Woman

I always get the strawberry shortcake. Except for when I get a king cone. :-)

In Season: Swiss Chard

I love swiss chard with some pasta (something medium length) a bag of frozen mixed vegetables, some alfredo sauce, and some hot italian sausage.

Every Kitchen Should have one -Kitchen tools we can't be without

my dishwasher. I can't go back to my pre-dishwasher days.

tongs, dutch oven, immersion blender, kitchen aid, big sharp chef's knife.