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Ariel Kanter

Ariel Kanter

Writer at Gilt City

Ariel Kanter is a writer, editor and food enthusiast living in New York City. She has contributed to Gilt City, AM New York, City Unlisted and BonAppetit.com—and when she’s not in the kitchen, she’s listening to Frank Sinatra and reading fantasy novels.

  • Website
  • Location: New York City
  • Favorite foods: Mac and cheese, chocolate, anything pork, Parmesan, dumplings. Literally everything. (Except mayo.)
  • Last bite on earth: This is a truly unfair question.

The Artichoke Basille Duo Talks New TV Show, 'Pizza Cuz'

Artichoke co-owners (and cousins) Francis Garcia and Sal Basille are embarking on a new joint venture. You'll be able to catch the duo tonight on their brand new Cooking Channel show, Pizza Cuz. The premise? Two men, six episodes, and one epic journey to sample some of the best slices this country has to offer. We took some time to chat with them about the show before tonight's premiere. More

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