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Subtle Steps Lead to the Best Tabbouleh Salad

any thought given to toasting the bulgur pre-soak?

Our Vegan Month Progress: Week 2

refried bean and avocado toast is the best, try adding pickled jalapenos for a little heat and acidity.

The Food Lab: Slow Cooked Bolognese Sauce

The Food Lab: Slow Cooked Bolognese Sauce

@kenji, when you say you ship off jars to family, are you actually packaging and making it? If so are you going all the way processing the jars or just freezing and shipping in a cooler? Have often wondered if there was a practical way to ship sauces, soups, etc short of pressure canning and cooking the contents to mush

Forget Al Dente: Braised Green Beans Are Where It's At

@kenji what are your thoughts on incorporating beans cooked in a similar manner into your from scratch green bean casserole?

The Secret to Crisp Arancini (Rice Balls) With Molten Centers: Sushi Rice

@Daniel I was thinking that too, so if using a relatively thin store bought broth or stock its probably worth while to add some gelatin to compensate. cant wait to give the recipe a try.

The Secret to Crisp Arancini (Rice Balls) With Molten Centers: Sushi Rice

i wonder how a little gelatin in the mix would affect results, thinking about molten center just kept bringing my mind to xlb.

Win a Copy of 'Heritage'

fried chicken, pimento cheese, grits

How to Make Menemen, the Turkish-Style Scrambled Eggs That Haunt My Dreams

god it's good to have you back kenji. it was a long few months without you. is there a release date for the book(s) yet?

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

steak. british racing green

Win a Serious Eats Edition KettlePizza Baking Steel Combo for Father's Day!

sausage, pickled peppers, onions

Win Two Tickets to the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

Taste Test: The Best Spicy Brown Mustards

I always wish I could see how wegmans store brand products would fare in these tests, and i'd be more than happy to ship whichever product you're testing to SE headquarters if I had advance notice.

The Best Valentine's Day Giveaway Ever: Lobel's 4" Prime Dry-Aged Heart Shaped Steaks for Two

Beer cooler sous vide to med rare then into a ripping hot cast iron skillet

Super Bowl Party Giveaway: Pat LaFrieda Sliders

biscuit help can't find recipe (used grated butter)

thanks, guys. I found all of those recipes too, just not the one I used, my latest thought is that its a kenji recipe from the serious eats book and wasn't ever published on the site. we'll see when I get home...

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

perfect med rare burger

The Food Lab: Sous-Vide, Deep-Fried Turkey Porchetta (You Want This on Your Thanksgiving Table)

@kenji is there a verdict forthcoming on the best home circulator? Tempted (despite the $300 price tag) to go with the polyscience discovery model just for reputation and dependability, any plans to test one? Christmas list is due soon...

Why Have I Never Tried: Fast Break?

Agree with other commenters, take 5 is awesome. (As is the peanut butter take 5).

Win Two Tickets to Pig Island, September 7th

Momofoku pork bun

What's Your Favorite Hot Dog Topping?

glazier, grilled until blistered on charcoal, topped with spicy brown mustard. or a zweigle's redhot split open and griddled topped w/raw onion, rochester meat hot sauce, and yellow mustard.

Video: Kenji Tests Consumer Reports' Top-Rated Knives

..and even "sponsored content" on SE is not what it is on other blogs/sites/etc. Kraft may be "sponsoring" some posts but there's nary a link to velveeta or cool whip website to be found. Just honest, trusted, writers, and cooks dropping reliable knowledge day in and day out.

Video: Kenji Tests Consumer Reports' Top-Rated Knives

Any serious eater worth his or her (diamond crystal kosher) salt knows that unless otherwise blatantly noted that content is not sponsored. And that when you link to another site (atk, ahem, ahem, fake clearing of throat) there may be a pay wall, never of SE's doing. I just wish I could watch the vid on my (roommate's) iPad....

Leftovers: Stray Links From Our Editors

is that the meatball sub from Best Pizza?

biscuit help can't find recipe (used grated butter)

Hi all, my first venture into biscuit making a few months ago was a huge success, used a reciped that called for grating near frozen butter and then tossing the butter w/the flour to incorporate, adding wet, then folding business letter style a couple of times for layers while rolling the dough out. I really thought this was one of Kenji's recipes but I cant find it anywhere. I've been googling for an hour trying to find the recipe I used and just cant come up with it. Does this recipe sound familiar to anyone? from SE or otherwise? it was dead simple and the results were fantastic.

fridge-life for saved animal fats?

Just wondering how long various reserved fats last in a sealed container in the fridge? I usually freeze solid fat trimmings from beef/pork straight away for use in sausage and burgers but my rendered fats (chicken, carnitas, bacon,etc) usually end up in the fridge (for better or worse). I keep a running jar of bacon fat and don't worry about that w/the continued replenishing and dipping into which goes on. Kind of unsure about my chicken fat though and specificallly the leftover fat from a batch of kenje's carnitas I made a couple of months ago.

I've always heard that if its rancid you'd know it from the smell but is it really that easy? Also wondering if it would be so obvious when you're dealing seasoned fat as is the the case of my carnitas stash?

Any insight would be much appreciated.

favored uses for (bean) pot liquor?

just made some pinto beans on this lazy sunday afternoon in a mixture of half water and half chicken stock along w/a couple of cloves of garlic, small onion, celery and carrot. the chicken stock was one of the most flavorful i've made to begin with and the pot liquor produced is absolutely delicious. its like super stock. will definitely not be wasting it and have a few ideas but was wondering if any of you out there have a favorite use for the stuff or any unorthodox ways to utilize it that haven't yet occurred to me. thanks.

good pizza near yankee stadium??

Headin down to the bronx from rochester tonight for a yankee game, staying on brook ave about a mile from the stadium and was wondering if there was any great or especially worthwhile pizza in the direct vicinity. Thinkin whole pie, delivery or takeout after the game. Any suggestions pizza or otherwise (planning on enjoying some jamaican food at the feeding tree pregame..) would be much appreciated...

food suggestions for a weekend in queens to see the mets...

seriouseater from rochester heading to queens (between corona and forest hills i think) to take in a few games at citifield this weekend. i've been trying to compile a list of food destinations in the (semi-)immediate area and looking for any suggestions from the natives.

what i'm thinking so far.

1)leo's latticini for the turkey, mozz, and gravy sandwich (as noted in one of ed's posts as a life changing experience) and possibly a meatball parm if available

2)Tortilleria Nixtamal (supposedly right around the corner and making their fresh masa.

3)nick's pizza in forest hills

...aside from the shack burger i'm eagerly awaiting at citi field thats pretty much all i've got.

any suggestions or "must try's" in the area from all the authentic new yorkers?

Ramen with Chashu Pork from 'Hiroko's American Kitchen'

Like many big city serious eaters, I enjoy probably more than my fair share of ramen. Until this week, all of these sips and slurps were at restaurants or food trucks; even though I cook almost everything for myself, ramen has always seemed like a dish best left to experts with plenty of time to tend a long-simmered broth. However, when I opened up Hiroko Shimbo's new cookbook, Hiroko's American Kitchen, and saw not one, but two recipes for the noodle soup, I knew I needed to give it a shot. More

Bourbon Old Fashioned Glazed Pecans

A toss in melted butter and a mix of brown sugar, salt, black pepper, and a touch of cayenne would seem to be all these pecans need. But to echo their boozy inspiration, the nuts are then doused with bourbon and dotted with old-fashioned accoutrements of orange zest and cherries (dried cherries made plump by a soak in more bourbon). The result is a spicy-sweet snack of glazed pecans worthy of a perfectly made Old Fashioned cocktail, or any cool beverage you happen to be nursing. More