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A Few Not-So-Classic Ingredients Make a More Savory Shepherd's Pie

made shepherds pie for the first time a couple weeks ago. included all the umami bombs I had on hand(Worcestershire, fish sauce, maggi, gravy master, tomato paste, and some straight msg for good measure), it was incredible.

Subtle Steps Lead to the Best Tabbouleh Salad

any thought given to toasting the bulgur pre-soak?

Our Vegan Month Progress: Week 2

refried bean and avocado toast is the best, try adding pickled jalapenos for a little heat and acidity.

The Food Lab: Slow Cooked Bolognese Sauce

@kenji, when you say you ship off jars to family, are you actually packaging and making it? If so are you going all the way processing the jars or just freezing and shipping in a cooler? Have often wondered if there was a practical way to ship sauces, soups, etc short of pressure canning and cooking the contents to mush

Forget Al Dente: Braised Green Beans Are Where It's At

@kenji what are your thoughts on incorporating beans cooked in a similar manner into your from scratch green bean casserole?

The Secret to Crisp Arancini (Rice Balls) With Molten Centers: Sushi Rice

@Daniel I was thinking that too, so if using a relatively thin store bought broth or stock its probably worth while to add some gelatin to compensate. cant wait to give the recipe a try.

The Secret to Crisp Arancini (Rice Balls) With Molten Centers: Sushi Rice

i wonder how a little gelatin in the mix would affect results, thinking about molten center just kept bringing my mind to xlb.

Win a Copy of 'Heritage'

fried chicken, pimento cheese, grits

How to Make Menemen, the Turkish-Style Scrambled Eggs That Haunt My Dreams

god it's good to have you back kenji. it was a long few months without you. is there a release date for the book(s) yet?

Taste Test: The Best Spicy Brown Mustards

I always wish I could see how wegmans store brand products would fare in these tests, and i'd be more than happy to ship whichever product you're testing to SE headquarters if I had advance notice.

The Best Valentine's Day Giveaway Ever: Lobel's 4" Prime Dry-Aged Heart Shaped Steaks for Two

Beer cooler sous vide to med rare then into a ripping hot cast iron skillet

biscuit help can't find recipe (used grated butter)

thanks, guys. I found all of those recipes too, just not the one I used, my latest thought is that its a kenji recipe from the serious eats book and wasn't ever published on the site. we'll see when I get home...

The Food Lab: Deep-Fried Sous Vide Turkey Porchetta (You Want This on Your Thanksgiving Table)

@kenji is there a verdict forthcoming on the best home circulator? Tempted (despite the $300 price tag) to go with the polyscience discovery model just for reputation and dependability, any plans to test one? Christmas list is due soon...

Why Have I Never Tried: Fast Break?

Agree with other commenters, take 5 is awesome. (As is the peanut butter take 5).

What's Your Favorite Hot Dog Topping?

glazier, grilled until blistered on charcoal, topped with spicy brown mustard. or a zweigle's redhot split open and griddled topped w/raw onion, rochester meat hot sauce, and yellow mustard.

Video: Kenji Tests Consumer Reports' Top-Rated Knives

..and even "sponsored content" on SE is not what it is on other blogs/sites/etc. Kraft may be "sponsoring" some posts but there's nary a link to velveeta or cool whip website to be found. Just honest, trusted, writers, and cooks dropping reliable knowledge day in and day out.