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One Day in New York

@sloanbuller: if you want quintessential nyc, then can't go wrong with a slice of pizza at Joe's, burger at Shake Shack (long lines tho!), a dog at Gray's Papaya and Katz Deli. If you have a sweet tooth, check out Bouchon or Two Little Red Hens for their cupcakes.

@kathryn: you seem like a nyc foodie vet..rock on!

The Best Bakeries in New York: French-Style

get the green tea mousse cake. just three words: FAB-U-LOUS

The Best Doughnuts in NYC

if you get the tres leche at doughnut plant, eat it right away you won't be disappointed.
pass on the creme brulee. it was tiny and was meh.

The Best Cupcakes in New York City

two little red hens is hands-down winner.
amy's is second. hens' blackout and velvet is worth the 2000 calories each.

Our Favorite Sandwiches Under $6 in NYC

unless you want to leave no room for the rest of your day, make sure to share the sandwich at Banh Mi Saigon in Chinatown. The place is clean, and the portion is huge. I got the chicken. (not a fan of pate). Then head over to chinatown ice cream shop and get the almond cookie ice cream. Don't bother with the green tea, in case you're interested

12 Tourist Spots in New York That Are Actually Good

newbies be prepared for the NY indoor traffic jam that is Katz. Once you get your ticket, try as hard you can to get as close to the glass as possible and slide along into the open space until you can see the neckhairs on the guy ordering ahead of you. It's worth the stress. Ask for the green tomatoes and you're set for a filling lunch. Stick with the pastrami. The reuben was ok.

Taste Test: The Best Babka in New York City

Have you tried Lilly's Babka?
I got it at Whole Foods Union Square. It's delicious


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