I'm a (former) pizza delivery girl at a big pizza chain near Austin, Texas.

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Five Great Toppings You Didn't Know You Needed to Try

Egg! An over-easy egg in the middle of the right pie is heaven. My favorite pizza on this planet is a Salami w/White Cheddar pie from House Pizzeria in Austin with an egg in the middle.

Survey: What Pizza Topping Is a Dealbreaker for You?

I'm in agreement with GovtMule, pineapple, BBQ, and chicken should go nowhere near a pizza. Chicken might be the only thing where my mind could possibly be changed, but I've never had any pizza where it wasn't overcooked and tasteless.

Poll: Yellow Cheese on Pizza - Way or No Way?

"American" cheese doesn't belong near anything meant for consumption by humans, least of all pizza.

Chain Reaction: Papa John's New Italian Meats and Spinach Alfredo Pizzas

It's weird that they're billing these as new specialties. When I was there, the spinach alfredo was always available (perhaps it's regionally available all the time) and the Italian Meats went by several different names but came and went with the same ingredients. The "italian ham" that was used when I was there was small, round, looked like the regular ham but soaked in something flourescently pinkish-orange, and smelled a bit like licorice.

Top This: How to Make Heart-Shaped Pepperoni Slices

Awww, these are super adorable. If someone made me a heart pizza with heart pepperonis I'd be putty in their hands.

Glossary: crust terminology

I like using the term "upskirt" for taking a picture of the bottom of the pizza. It makes me giggle.

But... I can see why undercarriage might work better for an official site.

8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams, 2010

I have to agree with pizzablogger that I love pickled veggies on a pizza as well. We've got some pickled green peppers and onions (pickled in house) that have been going out with an appetizer but I threw them on a pizza with some sausage and it was amazing.

Video: Pizza Crust Made from a Whole Suckling Pig

Perhaps it's that I get a little squeamish about eating things with faces (that I can still see), but this video almost made me throw up just thinking about it.

White Castle Candles Are Coming Back Tomorrow

This sounds vile. I tried to imagine a pizza scented candle after seeing this and I keep having the shudders as I think of "pineapple and ham" or "bacon" (if you've ever tried a bacon jelly bean you know how nauseating artificially baconated stuff is). Of course, to make it even grosser they'd try to add what they consider to be dough and cheese smells. Yuck.

Daily Slice: Amorina, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

That pizza looks amazingly delicious. And if the dried cherries, etc are on one pizza, that sounds like a great desert pizza.

Poll: Eggs on Pizza - Way or No Way?

On Saturdays and Sundays at work we do a family style breakfast. There's guaranteed to be at least on pizza with eggs on it. My favorite is our salami white cheddar (salami, fresh red onions, cubed white cheddar) with an egg in the middle. It reminds me a little bit of the more mundane spam and eggs.

The Burger Lab: The Myth of The 12-Year-Old McDonald's Hamburger

Yay! I'm always glad when someone decides to proving or disproving internet rumors and shoddy science. There's a further level to dubunking that can be done to this internet meme; the statements about these burgers being nutritionally worthless. Just because bacteria and fungus don't grow on them doesn't mean that the enzymes in your saliva and your stomach acid can't break the burger and fries down and use the protein and carbohydrates stored there to fuel your body.

Top 10 New Foods at the Arkansas State Fair

Deep friend bacon bomb. I want one so badly. Haven't been to a state fair since they used to do them as a field trip in highschool, but I wonder if I could get any of the little food trailers around Austin serving deep friend food to give this one a try.

AHT Giveaway: Burger Eclipse T-Shirt from Threadless

I think it's quite obvious that it was commissioned by extremely hungry, very rich aliens, and assembled on Magrathea. As to the *how*... it involved harvesting ground beef from the Cow Nebula; perfectly grilling that beef on an orange star (red being far too cool and yellow being a touch too hot); finding a moon that is actually made of cheese; stealing bacon from the Klingons (they were not happy about it and are still hunting for the culprit! Wearing this T-Shirt is proof of complicity! Better let me handle that, I know a few Klingons and they've promised to help smooth things over); and hacking sesame seeds off sesame comets (with no hazard pay!).

Pizza Protips: The Windowpane Test

This is one of the things I'm struggling with at work (not getting the dough to be able to do this, because our dough will definitely go to windowpane thin). I keep overstretching the middle making it hard not to poke holes while turning it in the oven and making it not hold up the toppings well. On the flip side, it is fun to take dough I've already accidentally poked holes in and look at the webby gluten.

Pizza Oven Shaped Like a Human Head; Pizzas Go In Mouth

I don't know why, but it had never occurred to me to make the pizza oven look like anything but an oven. This is the coolest thing I've seen all day.

Top This: Potato and Roasted-Garlic Pizza (à la Pizzeria Picco)

The new pizzeria where I am working does a great potato pie (with rosemary potatoes prepared in a similar fashion) with goat cheese. I'm addicted to it and will probably have to force myself to not pick it for my shift meal every single time.

Pizza Girl: Crazy Delivery Stories

Lance Roberts: Mesh underwear?! At least you know that both you and some poor salesgirl who had to sell them to him were perplexed.

Tupper Cooks!: I honestly don't remember, but I remember the boxers had hearts on them and I was trying hard not to look.

Pizza Girl: Making My First Pizza

@christianb sounds awesome except for the $75 pricetag. I'm gonna have to stick with dmcavanaugh and the rest of the awesome people people here, there's never a shortage of advice and support for making my own pizza (and never a shortage of pictures of their delicious-looking homemade pizzas).

Pizza Girl: Statistical Analysis of a Delivery Shift: Part 3

@mcantrell I 100% agree with you! I really can only speak for my chain and from when I've talked to drivers from the other two representatives in the big three (Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns) they work similarly. It's likely that in order to compete regionally different stores have different pay schemes.

Slice Poll: Your Sweetheart Doesn't Like Pizza -- Dealbreaker?

Pretty sure my systematic attempts to get them to like pizza would be the deal-breaker. "You don't like pizza? Are you sure? Is it the crust? The cheese? The sauce? Have you tried..." etc until they leave me or find a pizza they like.

Pizza Girl: Statistical Analysis of a Delivery Shift: Part 3

@ssteppe the driver does not get the delivery fee. Deducting it from your tip doesn't send any message to the store, chain, or anyone else that you're dissatisfied with the delivery fee. You'd be better off writing in to the corporation about it (not that that would do anything either but at least your message would say what you want to say to the people who could fix it). The only thing it does is screw over the driver.

Pizza Girl: Statistical Analysis of a Delivery Shift: Part 3

@ElsieD & Larikatz: I had bad service the other day from the branch of the chain that I used to work for. I pre-tipped $5 and the dude didn't even use a hotbag. Maybe it's that I don't get delivery a lot and when I do most of my experiences have been middle of the road, not standing out either way, but I can see why when you consistently get poor service tipping might go down and it might take something spectacular to get more of a tip. I think those middle of the road deliveries deserve $3 at least. I tip 5 because I appreciate the work that goes into it, but with that guy's bad attitude (he didn't say a single word the entire time) I can't imagine that he's doing much work at the store (though I don't know for sure either way). I can see how a customer who has no idea what he does besides act surly and improperly deliver pizzas would view him. I don't want to be viewed like that even on my middling deliveries, but I understand that myself and ever other hardworking delivery driver are lumped in with the more easily remembered slackers and bad delivery guys.

Organic Flatbreads at Crust Stretch Pizza Boundaries

Both of those pizzas look amazing! They're the perfect shade of golden brown.