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Pressed Chicken

Thank you, AnnieNT! It's not exact but that's okay cause it sounds good and very very similar! Thank you for finding it for me.

Joe: The reason it's called "pressed" chicken is because I think when the restaurant makes it, they place something on top (like another skillet or a foil wrapped brick) to keep the chicken flat when it's frying.

Pressed Chicken

There is a restaurant that my family has been going to for over 30 years and they have the best Chinese food we have ever had. We live kind of far away from it though so it's rare we get to go there anymore. My brother and I love their "pressed chicken" and I want to try making it at home but have no clue where to start. This dish has breaded and fried chicken breast served on top of bean sprouts and topped with a thick light brown gravy, finely chopped almonds and green onions. Has anyone else ever heard of this? I can't find a recipe anywhere and although we know the family that runs this restaurant, they never share recipes. The gravy is what confuses me the most because it's a lot like a regular brown gravy but yet, it's different and thicker than most Asian brown sauces I have had.

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