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5 Boston-Area Chinese Buffets That Are Actually Quite Tasty

Dude, really about Sheeny? You know what he meant. I actually know what the racial term is, but that what out of style with something like "Celestial". You probably don't like the word niggardly either, who etymology has ZERO to do with what it may sound like.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

Such a tough question... I know this answer might not be popular, as it involves McDonalds, but it is my most treasured burger memory (ies). When I was a kid, in the '80s, my grandpa would come visit us on Saturdays. He would pull up in his boat of a Cadillac. He would always bring McDonalds for everyone. He smoked, and that smell of Mickey D's, mixed with cigarette smoke is my fave burger memory. I can't smell that without thinking of him.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

Medium Rare, nice and pink, on a brioche role. (I like 'em so pffft) with sauted onions, cheddar cheese, 2 slices of crisp bacon, a dab 'o mayo, a blot of Ketchup and some pickles....

The Vegetarian Option: Cheburechnaya

I'd like to amend your opener to read: Unless you live in Central Asia, and/or Forest Hills/Rego Park, you're unlikely to hear the phrase, "I'm going to get some Uzbek food tonight.", as Uzbeki restaurants are ubiquitous in our nabe. I also, as regards the service aspect, can only agree. Cheburechnaya is even one of the more "outsider" friendly places. Try Cafe Arzu or Samarkand, both on Queens Blvd, and it is even a stranger experience. Our first time at Cafe Arzu, we walked in and every patron and staff member just turned and looked at us. The kids, the parents, the waitress... I had to check to make sure I had pants on and thats why everyone was staring. We slowly and comically backed out, feeling rather awkward.

Super Bowl Giveaway: The RUB BBQ Wings vs. Ribs Giveaway

Since you didn't specify which game, I am going to give both Pats-Giants, and the Life Vs. Me

Me: 0 Life: 50+

Pats:14 Giants: 20

Super Bowl Party Giveaway: Baby Back Ribs and Pulled Pork

Kid, Raised all Kosher
Temptation in Smokey Rings
God is Found There, Now

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Cured Meat Experience

Served by a giggling 22 year old, who miss pronounces the word prosciutto

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

with cream and splenda. Or in a coffee maker. The questions is unclear

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

On a silver platter, served by a little person in a court jesters uniform

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

As long as it's salty, and tasty and mmmm... I lost my train of thought. Let me just eat it

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage, Chicken, and Steaks

Big fan of the Old Hog Pit in the Meat Packing District, before it moved

Candy a Day: Goldenberg's Peanut Chews

Wow--- Like David Kover above said, I also loved them when I was younger. I remember them mostly at the movie theater, getting them with my grandparents...

Good Bread: La Boulangerie

You cannot go wrong with anything here.... My secret is to buy a baguette, and then walk down Austin to Cheese of the World and get some spreads and Charcuterie.... On the other hand, on weekends they have amazing oven baked omlettes, in addition to sandwiches, salads and homemade onion soup... Oh, and since the review above doesn't mention it, the croissants are the best I have ever had in NY, the Gatuex Brittane is something I had never had before (and is amazing), and the foccacia is to die for. I'll say it again, while somethings are just AMAZING, nothing goes lower the "Damn, that was good"

Win Tickets to Plate by Plate, October 14th

Big Fan of the Bi BimBap burger @ Social Eatz

Win Tickets To Brooklyn Beefsteak, September 25

I am small man, probably 1--1.5 pounds... Sorry charlie

Win Tickets to a Crab Boil at The Little Owl, Monday August 29

A fresh baguette from La Boulangerie in Forest Hills, a new bakery that opened up a few weeks ago: From there, I got to Cheese of the World, and pick 3 different cured meats and a cheese to go with them. Some EVOO mixed with seasonings, some olive mix (also from Cheese of the World) and perhaps some grapes

Sometimes, I'll add a bottle of wine if the mood is right...

A Sandwich a Day: VandeRueben from Belgian Village Inn in Moline, IL

I am so sickened by the thought of this sandwich. It disgraces Reubens everywhere. May as well put mayo on it. EWWW


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