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Charting My Cravings During Vegan Month

It's funny, your tone is following the exact trajectory of every other person I know who has gone vegan--- the whole "I can live happily with what I'm eating" and "I encourage all of you to try it" are very common lines I hear from vegan friends. It's funny how reactions to this experience can be so similar. While you may say it doesn't make you feel "lighter," your tone certainly reflects a type of light-ness about the whole thing that's a change from your early posts.

Making Fried Chicken for the first time

Was really interested in what Kenji wrote about the double-frying to keep the inside juicy and the outside crispy-- ok so you don't have popeyes but I think the same idea applies:

Say No To Faux

The thing for me about faux meat is that I actually enjoy the texture. Yes, it's weird and bouncy and definitely not actual meat (I'm not vegan, but I don't eat red meat), but there's something sort of... addictive about it. And it stand in where I feel like I need a meaty texture.

What I think is the biggest problem with faux meat is that people call it that. Why make a "chickn" sandwich when you could just make a wheat gluten sandwhich? No, ok, it doesn't sound as appetizing. But when you say that vegans are inviting the comparison, that's where it starts.

As soon as processed protein alternatives become an established product instead of a mockery, they'll be treated very differently. But, in terms of the environmental impact and the meat-comparison, I'm totally with you.

Snapshots from Jamaica: Breakfast Highlights

I just went also... the dumplings were called "Johnny Cakes" in all the places I went. And they were sometimes great, sometimes terrible. I also had a lot of callaloo, a leafy green somewhere between kale and collards.

Good eats near the High Line?

Chelsea market between 15 and 16 on 9th has a ton of stuff. Enjoy! It's a great day for the High Line.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

Nice steamy bowl of stir fried rice. Or, you know, everything else.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

splash of soy creamer. I love french-press and pourover, but usually it's the machine at 7am.

Cook the Book: 'Kosher Revolution'

Noodle kugel.... ohhh I love noodle kugel.

Cocoa or Drinking Chocolate Brands/ Recipes

Guittard Drinking Cocoa is probably some of the best I've had.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

Giant cleaver my roommate got in Japan. Cuts literally anything.

Serious Eats Apparel.

yess a calendar with a "sandwich a month" would be awesome!

Angry And Aggressive? Kids Are Bullies?Could Be the Food or Diet

When i was a kid, my parents learned that I had more behavioral problems when I ate red dye 40. It wasn't bullying, it was hyperactivity, but I see how they can be linked. This isn't totally nuts- the FDA is looking into it:

What Foods Have Been Ruined?

Ohh I used to love Combos.

But not just that! So many processed foods that I used to eat regularly taste terrible to me now-- like bread, for the most obvious example. Healthier, yes. But also way more difficult.

Holiday Apps

Mini quiche in muffin tins are always fun and easy.

Holiday Punch?

Thanks for the help! Ended up making a mulled cider-- it was the easiest on my grocery list.

See's Candy Russian Roulette

I'm a cheater-- I either do the old-fashioned burrow into the bottom of it with my pointer finger until I know what it is (this sometimes has bad results with the syrupy ones), or I nibble at an edge. I've found that the See's Nougats and Nuts has the largest ratio of desirable:undesirable candies.

Holiday Punch?

Aha! Sorry, here's some elaboration: non-dairy preferred, and the food will be maple nutmeg sugar cookies, and maybe one other sweet from a guest. Was thinking something fruity, or tart. Grocery shopping tonight anyway, so I can pick up what I don't have.

How do You Take Criticism?

Criticism of the food itself I can handle-- mostly because people have different tastes so it's subjective. However, I cannot stand criticism of my cooking methods-- someone telling me that I should do something different or that how I'm chopping/sauteeing/broiling is the wrong way. Unless I'm asking for instruction, if I'm cooking it, I'm doing it how I want.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Recchiuti Chocolate Bars

Bourbon balls are great. But, I do love a plain old bar of very dark (80% or so) chocolate.

Kombucha Advice

Thanks much, all! I'll wait a bit and if the problems persist, I'll give it a clean. Appreciate the feedback.

Ethopian Food in DC

I hear Ethiopic is wonderful. And, yes, Etete is good but a bit pricier. None are very close to the mall-- I think Ethiopic is probably the closest (and still a bit of a hike walking).

recommending a restaurant you've never been to

Guilty. I do it a lot. But only with the caveat that I haven't been--- don't want to get blamed if it's a bad experience!


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