Food is my favorite lens through which to see the world.

  • Location: Kingston and Manhattan, New York
  • Favorite foods: Salmon roe, M & Ms, good butter, extra-virgin olive oil, lamb, salmon, caesar salad, cold soups, romaine lettuce, butterleaf lettuce, asparagus, hen eggs, duck eggs, sushi, potato salad, Whopper with cheese value meal.
  • Last bite on earth: My mother's Mu Shu Pork.

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Where To Eat Near the High Line in New York

Tipsy Parson, for both food and atmosphere. And maybe this is too far east, but La Zie 2000 is a northern italian place on 7th avenue and 20th street, beloved by food writers and all but unknown to the rest of the world. A groaning board of appetizers for two is $20, the chicken liver pate is not to be missed.

Top Chef: Who Are Your All-Stars?

Carla, Kevin, Fabio. Although even I can see that he's way too Med-centric to be a Top Chef. He needs a show, a theme restaurant, a seat at the Judge's Table? He's not a Top Chef but he is FABULOUS.

How do you tell people their food could be better?

How do I tell people who have been living without manners or courtesy for most of their lives how much more satisfying life can be when you start living with courtesy?

In this case, courtesy means that you don't offer any kind of a critique until it is asked for.

This applies to almost any recipe in life. Understand, you can judge as much as you want--just keep it to yourself until your friend says, "Please tell me how you like this food, and how it can be improved."

Recap: Top Chef DC, Episode 1

Yes, I too saw the Carla/John crazy eyes resemblance...perhaps they are related?

As far as I know, "dreads" form when you don't wash your hair for quite a while. "Cornrows", those tiny rows of braids, take work and time and talent, and are washed like any other "permanent" hair style-coloring, perming, whatever.

I lived through the Bo Derek "10" look and this is what I remember.

What Are Your Favorite Regional Farmers' Markets?

Rhinebeck Farmer's market in Rhinebeck, NY is my favorite market just because my daughter and I have been going there since she was little and out favorite vendors always chat with us. Quattro's Poultry Farm has wonderful chicken and eggs. Migliorelli's and Taglierro's produce are wonderful. Monkshood Nursery has wonderful herb and vegetable starts, and Farmhouse Soups are wonderful. And that's only the ones I remember offhand. Great place.

The Grand Central Dilemma

I like the sushi joint, Masa's, although it isn't very creative. Sandwiches from Juniors or wraps from Zaro's. The Soup place is good and so is the Little Pie Co. The Indian place is good too. But the best is the Grand Central Market and, for dining in, raw bar at the Oyster Bar or chowders, soups and roasts at the Oyster Bar in cool weather.

Not your average NYC restaurant request

Shake Shack! Can you get a discount there? Not just the best burger in town, but the best burger this side of In-n-Out.

Would You Eat This Lobster?

A lobster of that age should be respected and protected. But I don't think we have to take an oral history or anything.

Video: Japan's Rabbit Cafe

Incredibly cute, but when one brings one's own rabbbit to socialize with other rabbits, what does one do if the result is more rabbits? Or does the cafe supply rabbit contraception?

Because the fact is, they breed like rabbits.

Frozen Shrimp: To Use or Not to Use?

@dbisping, you are looking for Cook's Illustrated Online. This isn't that.

I grew up cleaning fresh shrimp on the Atlantic Coast, and as a result I hated shrimp. The someone told me about cooked, frozen shrimp. I thaw them in cold running water and I never by any chance cook them or add them directly to hot preparations--but, for numerous salads, cocktails, sushi and garnish preps, they are awesome.

I agree that they taste flavored. Much better than I could.

To Sir Cutlets, with Love

Adam, I want to see a visual of this self-sacrificing moment, in the style of a biblical illustration: Chang's solemn finger pointing at you as you rend your garment, exposing yourself to the lightning bolt; Ed weeping, his patriarchal head in his hands, and Robyn as an airborne cherub photographing the whole thing for posterity. Piles of sacrificial pork buns are seen throughout.

Best Raw Oysters in NYC

@simon, I always do sit at the counter, and I've seen the plates of opened oysters lined up in their dozens. So no, they are not opened to order.

I'd try the smoked trout if you're buying.

Best Raw Oysters in NYC

I don't think they do either (the Grand Central Oyster Bar I mean). On the other hand, every oyster I've ever had there has been fresh and tasty, even in July. Oh those Kumamotos! And by the way, don't order anything else except the raw bar and oyster stews. The rest of the menu is dreadful.

Anthony Bourdain drunk on latest episode!?!?

Susquehanna--and that liver belongs to Michael Ruhlman.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 80: Remembering Our Serious Eater Beagle Brass

My cat and I are very sorry for your loss. How brave of you to let him go when the time was right.

a mouse in the house

Cats can be the complete solution--or not. It tends to depend upon the cat. I had one who liked mice even less than I did, plus another who remembered how to kill mice but not how to dispose of them. My present cat, Fuzzy, is a champion mouser. All cats are supposed to be hard-wired to do this, but not all of them are.

Watch It with Us: 'The Next Food Network Star,' Episode 7

I hated these challenges so much I had to mute the sound. Now these people are under a huge amount of stress--let's make it even harder for them in completely arbitrary ways. It was just plain abusive and I would have kicked someone in the face.

The Joys of Unnaturally Flavored Sodas

Fresca! Fresca! Fresca!

Does anyone remember No-Cal Chocolate? It had a creamy head like root beer.

Video: The Ross Sisters Sing About Solid Potato Salad

Slightly more charming is a recorded duet between Lena Horne and Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, which ends in a mere jitterbug. I've only heard it on CDs but maybe there's a film clip somewhere? Anyway, it's actually about potato salad, not crotch-flashing.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 74: Can My All-Pie Fourth of July Diet Work?

Ed, why don't you give yourself one day of sensible, non-diet eating as you will do it once you hit goal weight? That's got to be pretty soon now, so start getting used to it!

The New Breed of NYC Hot Dogs: Are They Really Better?

Ed, you ought to try Dogmatic at 26 East 17th St. (just north of Union Square). French baguettes are prepared by grilling from the inside out on hot spikes. Then a grilled gourmet sausage (or asparagus for vegetarians) is slipped into the roll with any one of six sauces, including truffle gruyere. Lamb sausage with gruyere was completely excellent. Also house-made sodas.

Video: 'Le Café,' a French Animation About Coffee Addiction

Well, the folks at Serious Eats have actual jobs to attend to, so they can't be expected to devote as much attention to YouTube as you do.

'The Next Food Network Star' Week 3

Watermelon, feta and onion salad is wonderful when it's done right, but it certainly is tricky. People who roll their eyes at their team-mates should just be shot on sighto

Summer reading and food: Anyone read these two or suggestions?

I didn't like Wizenberg's memoir. She's charming, but she's way too young to be reflecting on her life (in print, anyway). She lost her beloved father and she met and married a great guy...but she writes as if these will be the only two dramatic points of her life. I think a person ought not to write a memoir until he or she is at least 50.

The Fest: Our Humblest Apologies to All

Yow! Come back to NYC, Ed. Sounds like your life is in danger.