I barely started to really get into food. I am interested in learning new techniques, new foods...

  • Favorite foods: French
  • Last bite on earth: That's a tough one. Maybe Lobster? Chocolate truffles? Juicy ribeye?

Name Six Herbs/Spices

Garlic, lemon pepper, Onion, Smoked paprika, Cinnamon and nutmeg

No more Inspiration since becoming vegetarian

You guys are truly amazing! Thank you so much for all the help, suggestions and humor. I will go ahead and experiment maybe with some new grains and vegetables I am not familiar with...and definitely make my own bread. If I had known before, I would have probably eased myself into this new diet as opposed to going "Cold-tofu", but I can't go back now that the worse has passed :)
Oh, and lemme try some food porn too :)

Cook the Book: 'Serve Yourself'

I will usually eat a soft boiled egg with toast or "crunchy" pasta: cooked pasta that I put under the broiler until crunchy, because I would be kind of embarrassed to eat in public!

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Chocolate mousse, pot de creme au chocolat, flourless chocolate cake...

Use for egg whites?

Thank you all for your suggestions! You guys are awesome. I did not know egg whites could be frozen.

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No more Inspiration since becoming vegetarian

I made the switch and became a vegetarian a few months back and it's sad to say but since then, I dread making dinner. I still think about dinner as: Protein + Starch + vegetable. Ugh! It makes it impossible to think of anything to prepare sometimes. I've been eating a lot of pasta and rice, and Indian food...While there is nothing wrong with that, I desperately need help in finding food fun again! What to do? What to cook?

Use for egg whites?

I love love love this site! So informative. Now, I too have a question: I made fresh pasta the other day and as a result, was left with 4 unused egg whites. Aside from cooking them for breakfast, what could I have used them for? Any suggestions? I plan on making pasta quite often...


Orangettes are a perfect, simple homage to the combination of orange and chocolate. This recipe is designed to create candied orange zest that is delightfully chewy on the inside, with chocolate the snaps between the teeth on the outside. Use a high-quality chocolate of no more than 61% cocoa solids; higher percentages can be difficult to use for dipping. I like to simmer a cinnamon stick in the simple syrup to impart a hit of cinnamon. It's not mandatory, but highly recommended. More

How to Make Fresh Pasta

Fresh pasta is made from a few simple ingredients, using a straightforward method. But getting it just right requires some coaching, a lot of practice, and a few good tips. This primer from expert pasta-making chef Anna Klinger of Al Di La in Brooklyn can help get you started or put you back on track, and inspire you to make this recipe for casunsiei (beet and ricotta ravioli). More

How to Make Potato Gnocchi

Though the whole process of making potato gnocchi from scratch may sound a little daunting, once you get rolling, it's really not hard and is actually kind of fun. Check out the slideshow tutorial to see how easy it is to make light, tender, and delicious homemade gnocchi. And then take a look at a few suggestions for simple sauces to go with them. More

How to Make Bagels at Home

I don't use the word magical lightly, but there really is something wondrous about making bagels at home. Maybe it's the shape. I think most everyone understands a loaf of bread, but the round shape with a hole ... well, it seems like a whole lot more work than simply plopping some dough in a loaf pan. But it's not. Really. Try making just one batch of these, and I'm sure you'll have the process down pat. Put on your sorcerer's robe and follow along! More

Sourdough Starter-Along: Day 1 - A Half-Ounce Flour and an Ounce of Water

My goal with this project was to come up with a method for getting a sourdough starter going that would be easy for anyone. I also didn't want to end up with an excess of starter that would have to be thrown away. So I started with a very small amount. I find that starters seem to work better if they're very wet at the beginning, so I started with 1/2 ounce of flour and 1 ounce of water. That's all. More

How to Poach an Egg

Poaching eggs is like any other high-risk pursuit: those who can, do. (Those who can't, just click on this slideshow for a quick tutorial.) But the fun doesn't stop once you've joined the able ranks. While the greatest thing about a poached egg is its simplicity, there are countless ways to enjoy eating one (like on a bowl of ramen, or did somebody say shakshuka?). More