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  • Favorite foods: Filipino and Chinese food , pasta , fried chicken ....
  • Last bite on earth: Dan dan mien

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Scooped: Taro Ice Cream

Hey Max , is it okay if I'll steal this recipe ? Maybe add some tapioca starch and some taro paste for color ;D

Cook the Book: 'The Adobo Road Cookbook'

Filipino food for sure ! Uga ( dried salted fish in Ilonggo ) , adobo , pancit molo ( a bit like Chinese wonton with soup ) Pancit bihon ( stir-fried noodle dish ) lechon and the list goes on and on ! I NEED that BOOK ;D

11 Asian Noodle Dishes You Should Know

Guys , you should try Gon chau ngau ho !

Bake the Book: Baking Out Loud

Laduree's dark chocolate ice cream ! The gorgeous flavor of dark chocolate in this icy treat can make anybody swoon ! :D Okay , mine's homemade but still .... lol

Cook the Book: 'Ripe: A Cook in the Orchard'

Cherries , mangoes and peaches ! On it's own or for ice cream making and added to some baked goodies !