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Question of the Day: What cuisine can't you stand?

must not be judgemental, must not be judgemental, must not be judgemental, must not be judgemental...

Scotch Egg

I wonder how they would be with some white sausage gravy? Since they remind me of chicken fried steaks.

Serious Eats Ice Cream Trivia Contest

Why does the H-D hate the State of Lincoln? Puts down big spoon and pint cozy.

Question of the Day: What's your favorite food city?

It really depends on what I feel like eating at the time. But on the whole, I think L.A. is really strong and sometimes overlooked. Sandwiches, burgers, donuts, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese food there are all so good. Too bad about all the driving. But if I had to choose just one place, I'd say Seoul. A city I really want to visit for food alone is Paris, for a ham and cheese sandwich and a hot chocolate, among everything else.

Roadfood Roundup: Illinois

Awesome. I once saw them make the popcorn at Garrett's. I've never seen so much butter in my life. Also, why is there a photo of a sausage for Mr. Beef, instead of Italian beef like in the review? Not photogenic enough? I agree it does taste better than it looks.

SF Chronicle Food Section Roundup: Picking Wild Mushrooms, Fried Chicken and Maple Syrup

I wanted a snack recently and all I had was raw almonds and some maple syrup. So I poured some maple syrup on the almonds and it was pretty good. Later I took the rest and fried it all up with some butter. Very good.

Question of the Day: Other people say it's 'gross,' but you love it. What is it?

Wait, kiwis eaten whole? You can eat the skin, Meg? I didn't know that. Interesting.

Question of the Day: Other people say it's 'gross,' but you love it. What is it?

Spam, ketchup on mac and cheese, and sardines packed in tomato sauce on white rice are things I like that seem to get a rise out of people. And durian scrapple. Ok, I just made that last one up.

Kalbi Tacos

Hmm. I wonder if it's worth trying? Tacos are already so good in my Chicago neighborhood. Would I miss the rice? I might first try garnishing my taqueria bought tacos with some chopped kim chee first.

Question of the Day: What drives you nuts about other people's eats?

I think adults who make a "ewww" face or more when someone mentions a food they personally don't like, is my biggest food related irk. Keep it to yourself! So childish and judgemental (often involving economic class and culture), and I think less of the person when it happens.

MSG and Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

God, I love that Jeffrey Steingarten. Did your family ever get gift holiday packs of MSG? I think Ajinomoto makes and packages them in fancy wrapping for xmas for the asian market. MSG is up there with Spam, for looks of horror and disgust from most non-asian people when mentioned. Uncalled for!

Curried Away

I remember the best tasting major brands just a few years ago had pork lard AND beef lard in the ingredients. And yes, MSG, like almost everything good does. But now I can't find any Japanese or Korean brand curry with lard in it. I wonder why? It really does miss a certain richness without it, and doesn't taste like the curry I grew up with.


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