I like to bake and eat - and nothing makes me happier than mixing up some cake.

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  • Location: singapore
  • Favorite foods: oatmeal, pancakes, granola, cereal, sticky toffee pudding and chocolate desserts
  • Last bite on earth: a chunky bowl of oatmeal with chunky peanut butter, dried cranberries and raisins, a handful of pepitas and a dash of maple syrup

Get Your Dim Sum Gateway Drugs at Chiu Quon Bakery

without having eaten the actual buns, those sausages are likely to be the taiwanese xiang chang (literally fragrant sausage) which are sweet and semi-dried (which explains the "honey" moniker) - but since you say it's salty and cured, it might just be plain preserved chinese lap cheong!

Singapore Stories: Mooncake Madness During the Mid-Autumn Festival

modern mooncakes are just an excuse to sell dessert made in that traditional shape! nothing against dessert at all, of course - but the baked traditional ones are what really makes the festival for me.

Wild Side: Silkworms and Frog Legs at Four Belly

actually @Irene, frog, or "tianji" translates more literally to rice-field chicken! not sure about the etymology, but it's likely because the waterlogged fields were great playgrounds for the creatures :D

Share Your Sweets: Baking With Herbs

aww, I submitted a pandan cake recipe - is that not a herb?

Chocolate Hazelnut (Better than Nutella) Gelato

looks great but I gotta say that though gianduja might be purer/occasionally richer than Nutella, the latter seems to lend itself better to scoop-out-of-the-jar-bility!

Bake the Book: Mad Hungry Cravings

nutella on a crisp waffles with soft insides - no fruit, nothing. just hot carb and chocolate, thank you.

Singapore Stories: Soya Beancurd (Soy Pudding)

was just about to say what @frayed did, which is that this bowl here is of pudding, and not actual beancurd - I personally only like the latter!

and @May_be, if you're up for chinese vegetarian than the lingzhi restaurant does really wonderful chinese vegetarian dishes (this place is on the high end though!)

A Sandwich a Day: Iskender at 7 Spices

I wish we had such good middle eastern food in Singapore! That bread looks lovely.

bain marie alternatives

thanks! I know about the wrapping - I'm sort of just paranoid, so was hoping for a dry alternative. any idea if clingwrap will melt in the oven between layers of foil around the pan?

Staff Picks: What's Your Achilles Heel in the Kitchen?

I'm pretty good at cake, but swiss rolls are just out to get me. I've tried the tea towel, the throw it into a bag to cool, the burn-your-hands-to-lift-it-and-roll, and I always get cracks.

I just feel like it's me, not it, and that hurts.

bain marie alternatives

I'm going to bake a cake tomorrow that calls for the sponge layers to be baked in a water bath.

My question is that since the point of a bain marie is usually to encourage even heating, will it work out the same way if I just wrap my pan in a damp towel?

I have a springform pan and I'm desperately paranoid about leakage. I'll do it if I have to, but I was just wondering about alternatives..

Thanks anyhoo!

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