I'm 23 and I'm originally from Grapeland, Texas. I'm a very artistic person... I love to paint and draw. I love to cook, southern food is my favorite to cook and eat :) I also enjoy reading about food, food trends, cooking styles, people and techniques.

  • Location: Dover, NH
  • Favorite foods: Southern foods mostly. I love Chicken fried steak, real Texas chili(no beans), gumbo, ambrosia, cheesecake, buiscuits and sausage gravy, barbeque, crawfish boils, bacon, dark chocolate with fruits and nuts, crusty breads, mutton stew and so much more.
  • Last bite on earth: My dad's homemade cheesecake.

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Bake the Book: Edible DIY

Homemade toffee or candied orange peel.

Cook the Book: 'Jerusalem: A Cookbook'

Bulghur wheat salad with dried figs, parsley and mint.

Cook the Book: 'Mac and Cheese'

Gouda, Greyere, and Parmesan with Pimentos, mac and cheese.

Cook the Book: 'Portland, Oregon Chef's Table'

Fresh eggs from a random back road farm stand scrambled with cherry tomatoes from the farmers market and basil, chives and parsley from my garden.

Bake the Book: Baking Out Loud

Sticky toffee pudding with hot custard.


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