I'm 23 and I'm originally from Grapeland, Texas. I'm a very artistic person... I love to paint and draw. I love to cook, southern food is my favorite to cook and eat :) I also enjoy reading about food, food trends, cooking styles, people and techniques.

  • Location: Dover, NH
  • Favorite foods: Southern foods mostly. I love Chicken fried steak, real Texas chili(no beans), gumbo, ambrosia, cheesecake, buiscuits and sausage gravy, barbeque, crawfish boils, bacon, dark chocolate with fruits and nuts, crusty breads, mutton stew and so much more.
  • Last bite on earth: My dad's homemade cheesecake.

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Green Zebra Tomatoes

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Salt and pepper then put it on the grill.

Cook the Book: 'One Good Dish' by David Tanis

Chicken and dumplings.

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My grandmothers recipe collection.

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Homemade custard over apples.

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Slow braised shoulder of Mutton.

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Homemade toffee or candied orange peel.

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Crispy kale and bacon.

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Vanilla Bean Ice cream, crunchy bacon pieces and caramel.

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My dumplings for chicken and dumplings.

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Small pieces pan fried in a mushroom and kale dressing.

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Celery. I like the crunching noise it makes.

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Breakfast burrito

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Spinach, feta, mushrooms and artichokes.

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They need to be crunchy and light.

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Bulghur wheat salad with dried figs, parsley and mint.

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Eggs Florentine with pancetta.

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Gouda, Greyere, and Parmesan with Pimentos, mac and cheese.

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Fresh eggs from a random back road farm stand scrambled with cherry tomatoes from the farmers market and basil, chives and parsley from my garden.

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Sticky toffee pudding with hot custard.

There is this place

So I live in Southern California and it's hard to find a good, reasonably priced breakfast joint. Well we have McDonald's, Panera, and Starbucks, etc., but to tell the truth I don't enjoy eating at breakfast chain restaraunts. Luckily my boyfriend and I take trips up to Northern Cali a couple of times a month. There is this cute little cafe in Santa Cruz, called Linda's Seabreeze Cafe. Lets just say great breakfast, reasonably priced, large portions, great people and Linda(the owner) is always there and really sweet. When we stayed there, we went every morning for like a week straight. Not to mention the town itself is really nice. Anyway my question to you is, do you know of any, or have a certain place you go, where you know you are going to have a great experience every time, great food and you feel like home? Even if you have to travel 6 hours to have that feeling. :)
(by the way, I'm not saying every breakfast place in Southern California is terrible, I just haven't found a restaraunt that has decent food yet.)

Do you remember?

Well since the holidays are coming up, I start to remember things about my family that I usually don't, because I don't see them very often. I guess they're just odd random memories. Anyway, one of the memories is of the first time I cooked something by myself.I think I was about 6 yrs old. I was at my moms house and she asked me if I wanted to make something to eat. So I turned on the oven, and cracked some eggs into a baking pan along with ripped up pieces of toast and all sorts of spices and herbs. I don't really remember what it tasted like but I was so proud of it. So what I want to know is, "What is the first dish you every made, sort of remember making, or even the first memory of food you had"? And Happy Holidays to everyone:)

What are you cooking/baking today?

Just though I would see what other people are making today. I'm making some French Baguettes and Molasses Cookies. The recipe for Molasses Cookies is from my boyfriends' mother. So I think they are going to be delicious. I know it's wrong but I might add my own twist to it. They will never know. Maybe I'll even here, "these are better than my mothers' cookies". I can only hope. Well happy baking everyone. :)

Just thought I'd say

I just wanted to thank SE for the book I just recieved. It is called Witch Craft, it has cute arts and crafts and a couple of recipes. Thank you :)

Valentine's Day Dinner

I just need some ideas for a quick and simple dinner for Valentines Day. I just wanted something a little different than usual and didn't want to eat out. It doesn't have to be romantic or anything special. So if you guys having any ideas for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Southern Food: What's the wierdest food you have tried?

When I was living in Texas my dad would bring home...lets just say.. odd kinds of meat. Well I didn't think it was very odd when I was a little girl. One night he made something that looked like chicken and dumplings but it ended up being squirrel and dumplings and also had me try rattle snake, ostrich, alligator gar, snappin turtle. Which all were surprisingly delicious. So just want to know what weird things other people have eaten. So what's the weirdest thing you have tried and liked?

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