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The Food Lab: Make Your Own Just-Add-Hot-Water Instant Noodles (and Make Your Coworkers Jealous)

you could try a soup thermos, I had one in middle school that my mom would put noodle soup in. But it would get mushy because the noodles would sit in the broth for hours before I got to eat, this way is so much better. :(

Braised Chicken Feet (Phoenix Claws)

@ldmff, I've found them at asian markets for sure - depending on the market, they may have it by the pound at the counter or prebagged near the whole chickens. Maybe also check the frozen section?

Food Job in NYC

Also NYC.PoachedJobs.com

Food Job in NYC

try Good Food Jobs - it lists jobs all over the country but there always seems to be a good number listed for NY.

4 Close-Up, High-Def, Insanely Awesome Shooter's-Style Sandwiches

I wrote a post on my blog about how we made the infographic!


bold type is running into text

can you point to a specific example? A URL would be great!

Why I Took My European Boyfriend to a New Jersey Chinese Buffet

this totally reminds me of the first time I took Wayne to Minado in Little Ferry with my family - it's a similar concept to the Chinese buffet except all you can eat sushi. I always regret dessert. Always always.

Take a Tour of Gotham West Market

@GoodEaterKenji Word.

Cereal Eats: New MultiGrain Cheerios Dark Chocolate Crunch

Multigrain are my jam too. Look forward to sneaking this into our household.

Steaming milk with no steamer?

My friend gave me a glass frother and it works pretty well!
It's nice and small (YAY for not clogging up my cabinet) and I like that it doesn't require batteries or anything. I wouldn't follow those directions though, I just put milk that I warmed on the stove into it and it seems to work fine.

Meet the Serious Eats Magazine Holiday Dessert Issue!

Hi cissa! From within the Serious Eats app on your iPad, swipe to the right and a tab/flap should come out from the left. There should be a link that says "more issues" or something similar (sorry I have an iPhone and it's a little different, there's a file drawer icon instead). That'll bring you to a turquoise screen with a list of all the issues.

If you have an annual subscription you should be able to download the Holiday Desserts issue right away, otherwise you can purchase a single issue from within the app. If for some reason you have an annual subscription and it's asking you to pay again, just tap on the "Restore" button up at the top.

I hope that helps!

Pizza Class Worth the Price

I haven't actually done any classes here, but I've walked by the space and it sounds fun:
The couple that founded it just happens to live next door to my grandmother which was completely random!

treacle vs. molasses

thanks for the reccs - i ended up using half unsulphured molasses and half blackstrap (because that's what i had left in my cabinet!!). I think next time i will sub in light corn syrup, agreed that blackstrap is a little too strong.

What Food to Expect at the Union Square Holiday Market, 2013 Edition

hopittome, apologies for the slideshow not working. can you please email support@seriouseats.com a description, screenshot and the platform and browser you're using? We'd appreciate it!

Gourmet Cotton Candy! Over 100 flavors all natural!!

this is a promotional post and has been removed.

Healthy and Innovative Bread Created To Fit All Diets

This post has been been removed because of its promotional nature.

When does Japanese new crop rice hit the stores?

lil_brown_bat, i'm not sure but my husband made some of this Japanese short grain rice from Vermont yesterday and it was delicious!!

I got a bag at New Amsterdam Market on Sunday, I know that doesn't help since you're in Boston, but it might be worth emailing the farmer and seeing if it's available in your area.

Help Me Help My Vegan Friends

A few things I love throwing into grain-based dishes for flavor (not necessarily all at once!): preserved lemon, paprika, sumac, za'atar, garlic confit. I always use Ottolenghi's Plenty for vegetable inspiration - it's pretty easy to leave the yogurt and cheese out for a vegan version.

Also, char eggplant to get that smoky flavor/creamy texture!

Taste of Le Cordon Bleu in NYC - Free event!

This is a promotional post and has been deleted.

Where should I eat a great weekday breakfast?

eCommerce Coffee Sites

what about Tonx? It a subscription-type site so you get to try a variety.

Cereal Eats: The Virtue of "UnSweet" Cereals

I'm not a regular cereal eater, but I am completely obsessed with Nature's Path Mesa Sunrise. It has the perfect balance of sweet and "healthy" tasting, but it is so damned expensive. I usually wait until it's on sale and buy the huge bag, it lasts forever.

Why You Should Get Your Fresh Rice Rolls From a Tofu Factory

this is right around the corner from my grandma's apartment on catherine - how the heck have I never gone there?!


When you're logged in, click on your username in the bar at the top. You'll see a tab that says "Favorites" to the right of "Comments" and "Talk and Photograzing Posts". They should appear there!

Ask the Critic: My Brooklyn 'Vacation,' a Guide for Manhattanites

This is a great question in the spirit of Serious Eats. Not everyone is "in the know" about where to go!

I like to pop in to Runner and Stone on a weekend morning for great pastries and bread. If you like your southern food "grown up", Seersucker in Carroll Gardens has an excellent fried chicken.

Cereal Eats: New MultiGrain Cheerios Dark Chocolate Crunch

Multigrain Cheerios are one of my all time favorite cereals. I personally feel that this cereal needs nothing added or taken away whatsoever—it's a near-perfect cereal as is. I've tried two different new varieties of MGC's over the past year: Dulce de Leche (ick) and Peanut Butter (delish). That said, I wasn't mad when I happened upon the new Multi Grain Cheerios Dark Chocolate Crunch. More

Williamsburg: Zizi Limona and The New Middle Eastern Cuisine

During the Passover seder we talk about four children who each ask a question of the adults at the table. The wise child, the only one we really celebrate, says to the family, "What are these laws and traditions you carry out?" In other words, "what does all this mean to you and me?" So the allegory goes, this is the child we entrust our traditions to. We trust him to keep them safe and practice them well.

Zizi Limona is what happens when the wise child opens a restaurant—or when three of them do. And though chef Nir Mesika and Hummus Place vets Yigal Ashkenazi and Sharon Hoota have succeeded in creating a neighborhood spot that's casual and affordable enough for weekly meals, they've also made something greater. Call it pan-Middle Eastern or the New Israeli Cuisine or whatever else you like, but heed this: if the deceptively simple stuff at Balaboosta gets you hungry, it's time to head over to Williamsburg for a taste of smart Middle Eastern cuisine like nothing else in New York.


The Serious Eats Field Guide To Jelly Belly Identification

It's not too often you need a formal Field Guide to tell foods apart. (A carrot and an orange may be roughly the same color, but we're betting you've never confused the two.) But Jelly Belly beans? There are only so many different shades those little guys can muster. Is there anything weirder than expecting cherry, and getting cinnamon? Looking for a tangerine and biting into cantaloupe? We wanted to spare you that pain. So we set out to taste and identify all 50 flavors. More

Dinner Tonight: Sichuan-Style Chicken Noodle Soup

This is the kind of chicken noodle soup I can get into. It's warming and comforting, with hunks of chicken meat and slinky noodles suspended in a rich stock. But this isn't some bland rendition. No, this soup is imbued with the haunting aroma of star anise and cinnamon, and tickled by the numbing sensation of Sichuan pepper. A sprinkling of chopped chile completes this assertive bowl of soup, which comes together surprisingly fast. More

Check Out the New Serious Eats Mobile Site

Hey all you smart phoners, pull out your nifty gadgets and check out our newly launched mobile site! All of our content is now viewable on your phones, including the tastyness from AHT, Slice, and SENY. You'll find all the coverage you know and love, and can even post comments and start new threads directly on Talk. Thumb around on there and let us know what you think! More

A Primer to 'Star Trek' Food and Drink

To Seek Out Strange New Worlds ... and Eat Their Foods Spaceballs ... oh, wait. That was another movie. The J. J. Abrams–helmed Star Trek movie opens tomorrow. As I was reading up on the new installment, I came across this line in the Wikipedia entry: "Another reference to Abrams' previous works is Slusho, which Uhura orders at the bar she meets Kirk at." That reminded me that food and drink is depicted routinely in the Star Trek franchise—across ten movies and six TV shows. There's no doubt—or at least, I hope—that there will be food references in the 11th movie, which will feature Romulans, Vulcans, Orions. As a refresher, I thought I'd take a look at what passes for... More