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  • Last bite on earth: Bison steak with in-season veggies.

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Meyer Lemon Chess Pie

candide, exactly what I was thinking. (Stiff peaks are better for whipped cream anyway).

Cook the Book: 'Stewed'

One more vote for beef stew. Mmmm.

Cook the Book: 'The Great Meat Cookbook'

We never do a roast for xmas. Turkey and sometimes a ham to go with it.

Bake the Book: The Epicurious Cookbook

My pumpkin pie and my shortbread cookies always get rave reviews. :)

Cook the Book: 'The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook'

Chili lemon basil shrimp on Israeli couscous.

Cook the Book: 'Salty Snacks'

Potato chips. I cannot help myself.

Win Pop Chart Lab's Triple Distilled Diagram of Alcohols Poster

Tanqueray, Hendrick's, an Oloroso Sherry, another Sherry that I can only remember as a PX, Vodka, Lagavulin, Dalmore 12, MaCallan 15(?), Crown Royal, two other whiskeys I bought on a whim, mint liqueur, a dark rum, spiced rum, grand marnier, an xo Brandy, Blanton's, Maker's Mark, Patron silver, Don Julio silver, Don Julio anejo, 1800 (for guests), grappa...

Bottom Shelf Beer Olympics: Holland (Heineken vs. Grolsch)

I missed the Keith's suggestion. Don't even bother, unless you full on hate your mouth.

Bottom Shelf Beer Olympics: Holland (Heineken vs. Grolsch)

Bottom shelf Canadian beers:
Steam Whistle (awful)
Waterloo Dark (not bad)

The Moosehead suggestion is a good one, because it is just about as awful and corn-tasting as Steam Whistle.

Chain Reaction: Harvey's

Hate Harvey's.
Worst "meat" burgers on the market.
Their food makes me feel like my blood is thickening.

In Which We Make A Centuple-Stuf Oreo

Every once in a while, you folks are some weird cookies.

Cook the Book: 'How to Cook Everything The Basics'

Just like Grandma used to make.
But I also use it to hold my loose leaf recipes.