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The Food Lab: Do 'Better' Eggs Really Taste Better?

Excellent article. Excellent :0) Love all the comparisons you did! I get my eggs from two local sources, both of them having pastured chickens that peck and insects, scratch the dirt, etc, all day long. The only thing, and maybe I missed it, that I didn't notice here was that pastured eggs are better for you. The yolks are darker because they are higher in protein from all that insect munching :) Love this, thank you!

The Burger Lab's Top 10 Tips for Making Better Burgers

I get my beef directly from our local farmer. The meat processing plant is not a big slaughterhouse, they are appointment only and do one animal at a time, generally up to 3 a day. i have been buying all of my beef this way for several years and can't bear the thought of eating grocery store beef ever again. I was just at the farm the other day and saw the black angus (which is what I have in my freezer now, so dang good!) herd happily munching in the pasture. It's so nice to live in the country :)

Weekend Cook and Tell: Temporarily Vegan

What if we submitted a photo a week or so ago that fits in this category?

Cooking with kamut flour?

A neighbor of mine gave me some kamut flour to try. I just printed a white kamut bread recipe from Bob's Red Mill website. Looking forward to trying it!


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