Too-salty salmon

Thanks for all the great advice! I can always count on Serious Eaters to save me from myself :)
@philandlauren--If ONLY I could get bagels here! I'm currently living in Japan and their idea of bagels seems to be a ring of wonderbread-like fluff flavored with anything from bacon and cheese to matcha-white chocolate!

So many Ritz!

Wow, thanks for all the great ideas! I am off to buy peanut butter, chocolate, and peppermint extract (if I can find it here).

Cambridge, MA: Concord Ave Cafe

@ajax32--I tried that but it was too blurry for me :(

Cambridge, MA: Concord Ave Cafe

@CandiRisk--that would be wonderful. Thank you!

need southern dessert ideas!

Thanks for all the great ideas!

Cook the Book: 'The Gourmet Cookie Book'

The oatmeal cookies my nieces made me as a welcome home gift!!

Should staff members introduce themselves?

In terms of whether or not staff niceness increases the patron's tip, I found an episode of This American Life particularly interesting. The episode is "The Allure of the Mean Friend" (#245) and the second "act" is called "does niceness pay?" The conclusion of said act is that it doesnt. Here is a link:

lower cape (cod) eats

Looking for recommendations on good food (any cuisine, any price barring super-expensive)on lower Cape Cod (Provincetown. Truro, Wellfleet, Eastham.)We will be there for a week so anything from sit down dining to grab-and-go is in.

what can i do with...

...a microwave and toaster oven but no stove??
I am moving (just for the summer) to a place that has a micro and toaster oven but no range top. I am already lementing the lack of stir-frys and fried eggs in my future, but I have hope that all you cooking wizards can pull me out of the doldrums by telling me about all the amazing things I can cook WITHOUT a stove. A caveat--Ill be on a tight-ish budget, so the more frugal the better. Thanks in advance!!

Too-salty salmon

Hi all. I grilled a bunch of miso-marinated salmon and its just too salty. I'm thinking I left it in the marinade too long (the recipe suggested 30 minutes and, due to a busy couple days, I left it in waaay longer). Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has any good ideas about incorporating the fish into something that will mitigate its saltiness. Maybe a pilaf or a salad or...?

So many Ritz!

Hi all. We just had a small party and ended the evening with a large surplus of Ritz crackers. I am wondering what to do with them but there are a few caveats. I am living in Japan and have no oven. Also, ingredients like butter and cheese are quite expensive so I try to limit the use of them in my cooking.

So, any ideas--besides snacking, of course :) ?
Thanks so much!

Cambridge, MA: Concord Ave Cafe

Hi all,

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and I wanted to make him a shirt with a picture of one of our favorite places in Cambridge--the Concord Ave Cafe. We have since moved away from the area so it would have a silly sentimental value to it. I realize this is a long shot, but does anyone know of this cafe and, more specifically, recall the list of items they have posted on their window? It is an eclectic mix of sushi, lasagna, ice cream, carrot juice, etc. but I cant remember the full list.

Again, I realize this is rather random and specific, but I figured Id ask!

moving to Osaka

Hi all,

In a few weeks my boyfriend and I are moving to the Osaka, Japan area (more specifically, to Tezukayama-naka which is in the Sumiyoshi-ku ward).

I would love to hear your advice/recommendations/etc. about eating and cooking in Japan.

Thanks in advance!

need southern dessert ideas!

Hi all,

I am going to a themed potluck this week, and the theme is "Southern Decadence." Being from CA, I have no idea what to bring. I am leaning towards desserts, and also happen to have a ton of leftover egg yolks, so if I could use that would be a plus! Thanks a ton

low cholesterol tips?

Hi ho!
Happy 2011!!

My boyfriend was recently diagnosed with super high (bad) cholesterol. We know the basic stuff (limit saturated and trans fats, exercise more, eat flax, oat bran, oatmeal, walnuts, etc), but I am hoping to find some recipes or general tips to start cooking to fit his new needs. He has an appt with his Dr. and a nutririonist for more advice, but I thought Id check in here to see if anyone has any good recipes or tips.
He doesnt eat much junk food, but he adores cheese and meat. We are working on my favorites (salad and tofu) but its rather a struggle for the guy :)

dressing deception?

Hi all. So ive been rather obsessed with this miso dressing, but the other day I read an article abt how the calories listed are completely wrong. The article claims that there are 10 times as many calories in the dressing as listed. My knickers are in a terrible twist now.

Heres a link to the article:


TV snacking

My dad and I were chatting today about our tv snacking habits. He was wondering if most people change said snacking habits depending on whether they are watching alone or with others. I think I tend to snack more when I am watching a dvd or show by myself and less when there are other people with me. How about you? What are your habits and what do you like to eat/drink while tv-ing?

Soda Bread Fail

Hey there. So I tried making some soda bread today ( and I know that her site is awesome so blame the fact that my bread stunk on myself. The bread came out with an overwhelming flavor of baking soda, and I ended up tossing the whole thing. Im usually a pretty good baker, so now Im confused and my oven prowess is in question. Any ideas and/or help?

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