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Too-salty salmon

Thanks for all the great advice! I can always count on Serious Eaters to save me from myself :)
@philandlauren--If ONLY I could get bagels here! I'm currently living in Japan and their idea of bagels seems to be a ring of wonderbread-like fluff flavored with anything from bacon and cheese to matcha-white chocolate!

So many Ritz!

Wow, thanks for all the great ideas! I am off to buy peanut butter, chocolate, and peppermint extract (if I can find it here).

Cambridge, MA: Concord Ave Cafe

@ajax32--I tried that but it was too blurry for me :(

Cambridge, MA: Concord Ave Cafe

@CandiRisk--that would be wonderful. Thank you!

need southern dessert ideas!

Thanks for all the great ideas!

Cook the Book: 'The Gourmet Cookie Book'

The oatmeal cookies my nieces made me as a welcome home gift!!

Should staff members introduce themselves?

In terms of whether or not staff niceness increases the patron's tip, I found an episode of This American Life particularly interesting. The episode is "The Allure of the Mean Friend" (#245) and the second "act" is called "does niceness pay?" The conclusion of said act is that it doesnt. Here is a link:


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