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  • Favorite foods: Seafood, butter, lemon anything, smoked anything, ethnic food (very spicy)
  • Last bite on earth: Red Iguana mole

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Does Anyone Really Love Pumpkin Pie?

What an awesome topic! Yes, I enjoy pumpkin pie, but really only when it is cold, for breakfast, when no one is looking. I double down on the spices, use Libby's canned goo, but make my own crust with cut out leaves for some pie flare. I'm intrigued by the key lime pie idea just to mix things up though. And have found the James Beard preserved ginger/brandy riff - thanks for the tips.

Love the Latte? Double Up on Autumn Flavor With Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Ha! I saw the title for this recipe and thought it was a coffee AND pumpkin muffin...which could be yummy.

Cardamaro Concord Cocktail

Given the coincidence of Thanksgiving and Hannukah this year, I might try this using Manischevitz wine (which is made from concord grapes) in place of the grape puree!

Pickled Red Onions

Delicious. A 1/2 recipe is about right to fill a mason jar, FYI.


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