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A Londoner here wondering what in a hamburger context is meant by buttered buns?

Is this how they are toasted? ie on a griddle with a dab of butter or some other arcane method?

London Dining

I had lunch yesterday at Barbacoa. Jamie Oliver's new barbecue joint overlooking St Pauls in the new One New Change development.

I was strangely underwhelmed by the decor, clearly very expensive but for a barbecue joint soulless. You walk in to a sterile bar come greeting area which although the restaurant was 80% full had no one in it other than a couple of greeters. The main dining room is around athe corner a little bit so the hubbub did not appear to reach this area. All the light fittings were the so overused bulbous dangly shades that all the designers are using at present, or so it seems.

Once we got to the table, having walked the length of the display kitchen which looked great, with a wonderful view of St Pauls Cathedral things looked up. But not all that rapidly as service was very helpful but kitchen times were slow. We had Chicken wings, calamari with crushed avocado, pulled shoulder and a leg of lamb steak on cannellini beans. All nicely presented and the meat flavours were good.

Verdict: Good enough but not memorable and expense account prices due to its location. Will I go back, yes if in the area and someone else is paying.

London Dining

I'm not a Wahaca fan. Good looking places and some cheap dishes but really average grub and hopeless corn chips. I've never had a decent Mexican in London although I used to enjoy Cafe Pacifico in the 80's. Haven't been there for years. Will try CP again and report back.


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