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Cranberry-Corn Toaster Cakes

I've been making this recipe since I first saw it here a few months ago. Usually with dried cranberries (rehydrated in a bit of hot water for a few minutes) and chopped walnuts. My aha moment came last night though, when I tried the will-it-waffle approach. Delicious!!!

Wood fired pizza oven idea/project

You're right. I don't think any portable home-use device will come close to a 60 second pizza.


There's a market for high end fixed WFO at home that can produce 1 min. pizzas (might not be too big, but it's there).

There is also a market for lower end attachments or accessories that can produce 3 min. pizzas in your existing grill.

Can there be a market for something in the middle? With better looks, easier to use, that can bake a pizza in 2 minutes?

I know I'm just making assumptions, what do you guys think?

Wood fired pizza oven idea/project

Thank you all for your opinions and insight.

@shuboyje To try to answer your question to @scott123: What this product may bring to the market is essentially what you said in your question; it is a little bit of each one of the other models you mentioned. It takes the best of each and creates a hybrid product that, with more design and engineering put into it, may be the solution a lot are looking for.

About the market being saturated, I really don't think so. I understand this may be a niche product. But, except for accessories or attachment that can make a regular grill a hight temp oven/pizza oven, I do not know of any products commercially available in a large scale that are designed specifically as such.

Wood fired pizza oven idea/project

@Adam Kuban. I really have not done much research or planning other than submitting it to quirky. I started creating the drawings a few nights ago, then wrote a description for it last night. Based on similar products (green egg, primo), retail would probably be between $400-800. As for being able to use it as a grill as well, yeah, I think it has that potential. Not to mention the ability to bake foods other than pizza. Bread, veggies and lasagne come to mind :o)

Wood fired pizza oven idea/project

@ckzen - Not satisfied with my home oven pizza experiments I sat down a few nights ago to try to come up with something that might help. I am not an inventor, or make a living out of this. The product does not even exist. I got excited and wanted to share my idea with the world and other pizza amateurs like me. How is that so bad?

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Fire roasted New Mexico Long Green chiles and ricotta cheese!!