30-something New Yorker living life in Western Mass. Teacher. Writer. Married. Starting a family. Loves: drinking on a summer afternoon, lively small towns, NYC, international and US travel, reading, cooking, eating out.

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  • Location: Easthampton, MA & NYC
  • Favorite foods: Thai for sure... foie gras... too many to list.
  • Last bite on earth: Foie gras from Les Halles, duck salad and noodles from Zabb.

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How do YOU make a tomato sandwich?

this is SO funny - I've never had one but just heard about tomato sandwiches and was planning on making some this weekend. You read my mind! thanks!

Need help picking a US foodie travel destination!

New York is great, but I think New Orleans for sure. Also, Savannah (Elizabeth on 37th) or Charleston, SC (Poogan's Porch) = two of the best meals I've ever had in my life.

What do you miss? (to: expats and others!)

I'm an Indiana girl on the east coast and miss good, proper biscuits and gravy, Pizza King and Acapulco Joe's. I also recently lived in Prague for 7 months and seriously miss the beer - just being able to go to a pub and get a proper big mug of beer - Krusovice or Kozel. Also miss Czech foods like kolac, smazeny syrem and svickova.

Incorrect Fast Food Memories

I also just had KFC for the first time since I was a kid (about 18-20 years now) and I agree, it was really salty! It wasn't the most horrible thing I've ever had, if anything it was a really greasy salty fix, but it certainly wasn't as good as I'd expected it to be and I did tell my husband to remind me next time (if there is one) that it wasn't worth it.

Frozen Food for Exhausted Friend?

Oh these are all better than I could have hoped for! Thank you!

Best gnocchi you've had in NYC?

I also loved Lupa's gnocchi, and now want to go to these other recommended places!

Good eats in DC?

These all look great, thank you all so much!

Where to eat while in Europe?

Venice:Trattoria Giorgio ai Greci. Awesome. The gnocchi with salmon for two was truly one of the greatest things I've ever eaten, and the mussels were superb.
Nuremberg, Germany: small Nurnberger Bratwursts on a bun. To die for.
Prague: I have a lot, send me a message for recommendations.

Post-Graduation NYC Lunch

Carmine's is great for the Upper West Side. My first thought though (before seeing your neighborhood preference) was Gotham Bar & Grill on 12th st (or near there). It's a great, upscale restaurant that has awesome food.

You live where?

I am from NYC and was recently living in Prague, Czech Republic. Now I am living in Pittsfield, Massachusetts temporarily, looking for a house in the area of Northampton, MA.

Caraca Arepas

The De Pabellon arepa. HANDS DOWN. The best. Soooo good. Was just there for the 2nd time and still was the best.
Here's the description:
shredded beef, black beans, white salty cheese and sweet plantains

Quinoa - Now That I Bought It.....

Everyone's got the recipe ideas covered, but I thought I'd add that I only cook quinoa, I never make rice - it takes less time to cook than rice, is better for you, AND I feel that it's nearly impossible to burn, unlike rice, where I've had terrible luck.
I set the timer for a minute or so less than however long it says to cook on the package, check it w/ a spoon to see if there's still water at the bottom. If there is I cover it up again and let it cook for a couple minutes. No timer set, but when I come back and the water is gone, it's done and never burns! It's amazing!

Weekend Lunch (Not Brunch)

My husband and I despise brunch (eggs, pancakes, the whole mess) and have had terrible luck finding a place that has a normal lunch menu on weekends. If you can find somewhere - please post it!

What to do with fresh mint...

Add it to salad greens along with fresh thyme and cilantro. Add some watermelon & feta for an even better salad (inspired by one at the fantastic restaurant Elizabeth on 37th in Savannah). Seriously, an awesome and fresh and amazing tasting salad.

Good food in Western Mass?

thank you! I planned on going to Guido's today but they were closed (because it's only early March? It was about 6pm on a Friday...?). I'll try all the suggestions... funny enough the one I'm super excited about is Teo's hot dogs!!

Crispy Skin on Roasted Chicken

these are great, thank you!!
Just to answer a question - I always used to roast chicken whole and then we stayed with my in-laws and my husband's mother (who is Czech and doesn't speak English, so I can't really discuss it with her) always roasts cut up pieces of chicken and duck. Hers comes out great, and my husband and I thought there was something to it... it seems like the only reason I'd choose to do it is because it seems so much easier to do the carving before hand, I find, and then just plate it up right away.

Eating/Staying in New York

I second Caracas - their arepas are awesome.

Chelsea Hotel is great - such history! I was there 9 years ago when my husband proposed to me... I don't remember it being crappy (despite the seedy history)... it's not glam or super luxorious, but our room was clean and had a little kitchen area and was great. Totally worth it as the setting of one of the most important moments in my life!

The Hole-in-the-Wall Version of Indianapolis

I second Acapulco Joe's - born in Indy and licked that sauce off the chips from age 18 months. Still awesome today, I always go when I'm back. Love the enchiladas. AND THE SAUCE!

What is your favorite bottled barbecue sauce?

Trader Joe's Kansas City Style BBQ sauce & Maurice's BBQ Sauce from South Carolina

Your food related book favorites?

I agree with Julia Child's "My Life in France" and Ruch Reichl's books - I loved those!

Shun Knife

I love a good knife! I can totally appreciate how great a good knife is... ESPECIALLY having used BAD knives so often. Ugh - it makes me cringe, the thought of a dull, difficult nasty knife. Yuck! I have a Globe knife that I got a few years back and keep sharpened, but I definitely need to get a new one. I can't wait to pick it out!

My Shocking Food Confession: What's Yours?

I hate jellied meat. Or whatever it is.
When I was a teenager I ate powdered hot chocolate mix (with mini- marshmallows, of course!) dry, from a cup, with a wet finger. Sooo good! The crunchiness and sweetness and powderiness was great!

Got a Craving?

I've been in the Czech Republic for 7 months and am craving some of the simplest things like simple sandwiches, grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, and sushi! I don't have control over the kitchen where I'm staying so, although I could probably make most of this here, I haven't. But I return home to NY next week and plan on cooking all these things right away.