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How To Dress Up Your Frozen Pizza Right

I've put pork floss on microwavable pizza and it's REALLY good.

Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition

What's you're stance on basting? Does it actually do anything? It seems counter intuitive in producing a crisp skin.

Cook the Book: 'Ruhlman's Twenty'

Tasting! Taste your food as you go along and adjust!

Forced to cook appetizers at a party.

@chgoeditor No, this is not a joke.

@smallkitchen I fought to make entrees but got stuck with appetizers. Believe me, I am extremely delighted to cook for my friends.

I guess I got confused with appetizers and first course, which is why some of these are heavy. This is exactly why I am asking you guys! Thank you for all your help and I will make adjustments. I don't have a lot of experience for cooking at parties. @_@

But yes, all of these are pretty much one bite renditions of what I wanted to make.

Dinner Tonight: Pad See Ew

Throw some crushed red pepper flakes and crushed peanuts on it!


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