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7 Mexican Sodas You Should Know

The U.S. has a vast selection of its own sweet carbonated beverages, but Mexican pop is worth seeking out, if for no other reason than the unusual flavors we don't see much of here in the States, like tamarind, sangría, and hibiscus. Search your local Latin market for these seven Mexican sodas. More

Pumpkin Spice Latte Showdown: Starbucks vs. McDonald's

Starbucks has sold over 200 million of their pumpkin spice latte over the past decade. But the coffee behemoth's competition just got a little stiffer, with America's biggest fast-food chain, McDonald's, getting in on the action with a pumpkin spice latte of its own. If that's not grounds for a head-to-head comparison, I don't know what is. More

Hangover Helper: Spoonbread-Stuffed Chile Relleno and Brisket Nachos at Trigger in Portland, OR

For a slow day at the office made even slower as a result of hitting the sauce a little fervently the night before (hey, no one's judging anyone here), a hearty bite of Tex-Mex is just what the doctor ordered. And it's what you'll order, too, if you find yourself in a similar predicament and manage to make your way to the doors of Trigger, the newest place in Portland to procure that soul-pleasing marriage of Texas and Mexican comfort food. More

Perfect Apple Pie

I've made this recipe twice now, once with the boiling water poured over the apples and once without, both times with Golden Delicious apples. I can't speak for anyone else's experience, but for me the version without the boiling water was by far the superior one in terms of apple flavor and texture. The boiling water turned the apples to mush and sapped out a significant portion of the flavor, as evidenced by a before-and-after taste test of the apple slices. Maybe using cider would have been better, but I would never repeat the boiling water method based on this last pie. That said, as with any recipe, your mileage may vary.

On the plus side, Kenji's dough makes the best crust I've had on any pie, period. Use it on all your pies!

The Best Ice Cream (and Other Frozen Desserts) in Seattle

@jt58612: I know Seattle and I wouldn't put Molly Moon on this list.

We Try Everything at PDX Sliders in Portland

@magtured: I get what you're saying. It's true that language is like the surface of the ocean, never still, always changing. Words that at one point in time meant one thing can mean something different later on. But in the case of "slider," which really hasn't been around that long, it still references a specific thing, which is what I outlined in the fourth paragraph of the review. Popular usage, as it so often does, is wearing away at that definition, but there are still plenty of people (including those who run the site you are reading this on) who know what it actually stands for. Probably 90% of the public doesn't know the difference anymore, and at some point in the future perhaps 100% of people will say a slider and a mini-hamburger are the same thing. But that day has not yet come, and while I'm not going to start some campaign to remind everyone of the true definition of "slider," I'm also not going to blindly dispose of knowledge just because most people don't know any better.

We Try Everything at PDX Sliders in Portland

@magtured: Didn't realize we were taking our culinary cues from the Oxford Dictionary now. I'll be sure to notify upper management.

How to Make Real Texas Nachos

Growing up in Washington State, I never realized what I was missing until I spent a few years in Austin. Suffice it to say I could never go back to the "heaping pile" style of nachos. Glad to see (the best) nachos getting some Serious Eats love!

You Get What You Pay for at Portland Penny Diner in Portland, OR

With regard to comparing this burger with one from In-N-Out, I think an In-N-Out burger is worth much more than they charge for it; it's a major steal at that low price point. Conversely, there are some $15 burgers in Portland that I'd never choose over a Double Double. In the case of this particular burger at Portland Penny Diner, I feel the cost of ingredients and total satisfaction is about $6.95 worth. Whereas a Double Double Animal Style is worth more than $6.95, in my opinion.

Returning to the Burger's Essence at Grain & Gristle in Portland, OR

Ah, thought that might be the case. Anyway, I'm long overdue to get back to G&G to try this. That's the problem with restaurants in a different quadrant of the city from where I live: I never get to them as often as I should!

Returning to the Burger's Essence at Grain & Gristle in Portland, OR

Great review, Nathan! Glad to see someone's picking up the slack in the Portland burger scene. (*tugs at collar nervously*)

Nice to see that Grain & Gristle's burger has improved from the restaurant's early days. Back then it had a really bizarre, unpleasant flavor to it, and different toppings if I remember correctly. The version you had looks fantastic.

Speaking of toppings, under Short Order you mention "innovative toppings," but I only see lettuce, cheese, and pickles. Typo?

The Pimento Double Cheeseburger from Trifecta Tavern + Bakery, One of Portland's Best Burgers

@asterik: I really want to try the rest of the menu as well as some of the cocktails, which I've heard multiple times now are uniformly excellent.

The Pimento Double Cheeseburger from Trifecta Tavern + Bakery, One of Portland's Best Burgers

@Lorenzo: I feel sad for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of eating pimento cheese, but I would assume at least chefs know about it. And if so, they'd know it kicks cheddar in the ass when it comes to what tastes better on a burger.

You're right that this isn't really pimento cheese, because it uses Calabrian chilies instead of pimentos. But it does taste pretty darn close to the versions I've eaten over the years. And from what I can tell, plenty of authentic recipes use aged (i.e. sharp) cheddar, and aioli isn't really that far a stretch from mayonnaise.

Better No-Knead Bread

I also had issues with the dough refusing to rise after a 3-day cold ferment in the fridge. After 8 hours of very little increase in size, it was midnight and I had to pop it in the oven, and the result had a fairly dense crumb (though not the "cakelike" crumb someone described upthread). On the off chance you're reading this, Kenji, any thoughts on why this keeps happening to people?

Kimchi Relish and Pork Belly Make for a Decadent Burger Under $10 at Ate-Oh-Ate in Portland

@zorazen: It's funny you mention the Row Burger, because I ordered it about a year ago for lunch on the weekend, and I don't know if they had a new guy in the kitchen or what, but it was one of the two worst burgers I've had in Portland (the absolute worst being half a block away at the now-defunct Burgatroyd). People have told me it was likely a fluke, so hopefully I'll get around to trying it again sometime.

Chain Reaction: Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries

Wow, just tried the Boardwalk Burgers & Fries in Gresham, Oregon, today and the burger could not have been more different from the ones you're describing here, Todd. The patties were ultra-thin, bland, and a little gritty. No crust whatsoever. Either things have drastically changed for this chain since 2012, or the quality at the various locations varies WILDLY.

They're still serving an assload of fries, though, even with the medium-sized order.

Cider Doughnuts

Made these today, followed the recipe to a T, and unfortunately...they're quite bland. No apple flavor/scent whatsoever. They do LOOK amazing, though. I would suggest at least quadrupling the amount of apple cider and doubling the spices in the flour mixture.

Though I was displeased with the results, I am glad it gave me the chance to make doughnuts for the first time. Now I'm more confident to try new recipes!

A Day in the Life: Robyn Lee, Staff Photographer and Editor, A Hamburger Today

This is some kind of wonderful.

Stewed Taco Perfection at Guisados in LA's Boyle Heights

FYI, anyone coming to Portland can get guisados very similar to these at Mi Mero Mole.

8 Deliciously Weird Beers We Tried at the Oregon Brewers Festival

@brymadison05: I myself haven't made it out to Old Market yet, but you can bet after trying Dilution of Grandeur I will now!

Welcome Erin Jackson, AHT's New Contributing Editor

Sugar Rush: Strawberry Tart at Ken's Artisan Bakery, Portland

Love these photos. But then I pretty much love red in any photo.

Cereal Eats: If You Could Bring Back One Discontinued Cereal...

S'mores Grahams/S'mores Crunch. I can still taste it in the furthest caverns of my memory. Would it live up to my expectations if it were to find a re-release? Probably not. But I'm willing to risk setting my nostalgia on fire to find out.

Canby, OR: Good Days and Bad Days at Frack Burger

@Erin: I think we need to get Robyn on some accompanying artwork, stat.

Hot Stuff: Agrarian's Cherry Cherry Bomb Bon Soda

Ha, would be glad too, although I'm happy to get a beer, too. Are you going to this year's Fruit Fest?

Daily Slice: Baby Doll Pizza, Portland, Oregon

Finally tried it. You're right, Jim, the sauce is what really makes this pizza. Best NY-style pizza in Portland, no question.

Hangover Helper: Corncakes and Honey Pie at Sweedeedee in Portland, OR

@pigeonheart: Thanks for the link to that recipe. I'm going to have to bake that sometime to see if it tastes like Sweedeedee's.

Hot Stuff: Agrarian's Cherry Cherry Bomb Bon Soda

Brian, super excited to see you on Serious Eats. Are you going to be writing more for us in the future?