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Open Thread: What's One Food You Wish You Liked?

Another vote for Beets. Definitely tastes like dirt to me too. I detest all alcohol (sometimes I can manage to just about enjoy a nice wine). I feel so sad for all these people who don't enjoy raw tomatoes, avocado, eggs, cheese, mayo, olives, liver, seafood etc. What a sad way to go through life!

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Fried Chicken that I made for the first time a couple of week ago, after spending about a month reading up about it on Serious Eats! (

Fried Chicken troubleshooting - help please

Hi all (and Kenji - getting a response from you as exciting as meeting the queen herself!)

I followed these recipes;

And here is a photo account of my efforts;

But I think I added a final buttermilk dunk as I'd read that somewhere else that I can't track down. I'm pretty sure this was the big misdemeanor.

I'm ideally going for a fairly thick, crispy, KFC style crust. I recently tasted the chicken at Dirty Bird, NYC and like that sort of crust. Craggy, crunchy, spicy with super moist, tender chicken underneath. (Even though I think my seasoning and moistness trumped theirs!)

For the flour mix, I only used plain white flour + seasoning. Should I be adding another kind of starch?

From what I've now read, it does seem like a drying stage before frying is the way to go, but Kenji - I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks all!


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