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Good food near London School of Economics (LSE)

Theotherworldly, thanks for these great recommendations! Definitely one of the better posts on where to eat in London that I've ever seen. I may come back and bother you with more questions once I've sorted out where I'm actually living :).

Brand new Lodge cast iron skillet - what to cook first?

Chicken breast! Yes it sounds kind of boring but I was amazed at how much better my cast iron skillet made plain chicken breast have a great texture and stay moist.

Party hosting help!

50 to 60 people sounds like a lot to me, but consider Sri Pra Phai in Woodside Queens. If it's still warm out, their garden would probably be ideal for your group. The food is excellent, hands down the best Thai I have ever had. What's nice is that it's got stuff for more adventurous types, but also has the usual standbys that appeal to people who like "safer" Asian foods. You can usually adjust spice levels as well. Can't tell you what the prices would be for a big event like that but I know when I go to eat there with my friends, we typically order mountains of food and drinks and can typically get out the door with leftovers for $20-$25 a head.

Where to have dinner in Tacoma, Washington?

Wow, that sounds wonderful. Thanks!

Entertaining for a crowd in May - Looking for recommendations

Thanks everyone! All good suggestions.

What baked treats are you making for the holidays??

Lime coconut walnut bars and cherry tartlets.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Pork Belly Heaven Package

In an ammatriciana!

Where is a good Puerto Rican restaurant in NYC?

Try East Harlem. West Harlem and Washington Heights is more Dominican though if that interests you too.

Hangover Helper: House Made Merguez, Scrambled Eggs, Roasted Mushrooms, and Potato Cakes From Chez Lucienne in Harlem

Please check your privilege, Ronnieshapley. You're being needlessly offensive. Dregs of the city? They're people - you know, human beings? It's too bad that the presence of people of color seems to turn you off your brunch, but you are indeed missing out on a fascinating and under-appreciated part of the city.

Help! I forgot to make dinner reservations for tomorrow (NYC) -

I know you say that you prefer downtown, but I cannot recommend Covo Trattoria, at 12th Avenue and 135th Street, highly enough.

They have amazing pastas, appetizers and salads, as well as the most authentic wood-fired Italian pizza I have tried in New York so far besides La Forcella. My boyfriend and I live in Harlem and have been there at least 10 times - everything we've tried has been delicious, and we always take guests and family to impress them. The service is great and the prices are very reasonable (I believe it's about $12 for the pizzas).

I recently walked in at 8:15 on a Friday night and we were seated immediately - it gets lively and full of people, but it's a big space so you should have no problem getting a table!

First time cooking for the SO

I agree with the others that you should make something you're comfortable with, know well, and that reflects "you" and your background, but, since it sounds like you did want advice, I personally think that pasta with one interesting/slightly rare ingredient is a good way to go. I'd personally vote for an ammatriciana: guanciale, tomatoes, pecorino cheese and olive oil. This way you get to show off how unique/sophisticated your taste in food is, but can still probably count on the person liking the meal even if he's not a foodie at all.

Buying a Cast Iron Skillet On a Budget

Wow, thanks, all. I didn't expect so many comments, but I'm glad to see that most people are saying a cheaper pan is still okay! I will definitely go with a Lodge, and take into account the idea of getting an un-seasoned model. Thanks!

Good food near London School of Economics (LSE)

I'm about to move to London to start my PhD at the London School of Economics. I currently live in New York and I'm heartbroken to be leaving for many reasons, one of which will be saying goodbye to all the great food options I have gotten used to here.

Since I'll be a student, I will definitely try to bring my lunch and eat in as much as possible, but from time to time I'd also like to scope out good restaurants and cafes, especially those near LSE. So, any recommendations on budget-friendly and decent options for lunch, coffee, snacks in that area? Recommendations on good Indian, Sri Lankan, Middle Eastern stuff especially welcome.

Where to have dinner in Tacoma, Washington?

I'm going on a work trip to Tacoma at the end of June with a group of 7-8 coworkers. I'm in charge of planning a dinner for one of the nights that we're out there and I need some suggestions since I've never been before!

We're staying at the Hotel Murano on Broadway so something within walking distance would be ideal. I'd like something not too expensive but good for a group and with some decent vegetarian options. Any suggestions welcome!

Entertaining for a crowd in May - Looking for recommendations

I'm hosting an end-of-semester/beginning of summer party for my grad school cohort at my apartment later this month.

I kind of want to show off my cooking skills but feel nervous about preparing food for a large group (up to 14 people, probably more like 8).

Any recommendations on what to make that is budget friendly, good for a lot of people, and/or can possibly be made ahead of time to cut down on hectic pre-party scrambling?

I welcome thoughts on appetizers and mains.

Best Cookbooks as Gifts

What do you think the best cookbooks are to get as a gift for twenty-somethings who love food, are accomplished home cooks, but may not have tons of money or a huge kitchen? Region-specific cookbook suggestions are welcome.

Buying a Cast Iron Skillet On a Budget

I'm a home cook who is getting more serious about buying good quality equipment for the kitchen, but I am on a budget.

I've been really wanting a cast-iron skillet, and I'm wondering if people have recommendations of which brands to get if I want to spend less than $50? There is a Lodge pre-seasoned skillet for around $20, is this an okay bet?

I am fine with the skillet not being the absolute best model available, but given that I have a little bit of flexibility with my budget, I also don't want to buy something at $20 that is so bad I end up wishing I'd just shelled out the extra cash for something slightly higher end.

Any advice is welcome, thanks!

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