Quick and Easy Homemade Ricotta Gnocchi

Awesome. Super easy, delicious, not quite as quick as promised but that's OK. I second the person above who suggested changing the recipe to say 8oz (drained) ricotta instead of 12...

NYC Events for the Weekend (and Beyond)

You guys have a fairly embarrassing typo in the Brooklyn Brewery section...

What's Your Favorite Fried Chicken In New York?

Teri fried wings at Tebaya in Chelsea are pretty amazing...

Portland, Oregon: Breakfast at Tin Shed

I used to live a few blocks from here, and yeah, the food was OK, but I have NEVER had such terrible service. We kept going back and trying again, and every single time, the servers were rude, forgot about us, and brought us the wrong stuff. lame!

There are way better restaurants on Alberta, too.

Donburi in Brooklyn/Manhattan?

Hey guys! I've been having a serious craving for some oyakodonburi lately, and I know I could just make it (that might be the next step, unless y'all have some great ideas), but I'll ask: does anyone know a place to get that, in Manhattan of Brooklyn? I'm not looking for anything fancy. Any ideas appreciated!


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