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Manner Matters: Does She Have to Bring Her Boyfriend?

My husband and I have had the opposite happen. A guy friend (more his than mine) extended an invite to my husband for dinner and drinks. I looked forward to a night at home alone and was finishing eating my dinner when I received a text from my husband saying that this friend was there with his girlfriend and expected that I would be there too! I rushed over to eat dinner (#2) and apologize for not knowing that his invite extended to me!

Cheese 101: Why Imported Italian Mozzarella Isn't Always Better

We went with friends to visit Ramini Mozzarella in Tomales, CA. They give tours/ tastings for their small operation (I think they have 30 head of female Italian water buffalo now) for $20 per person. They then offer a ball or mozzarella or sometimes ricotta (both buffalo) for sale and I think we paid $24 for both but I don't know what the weight was. They're still so small that they really can only sell to a handful of local restaurants or you have to buy it directly from them but I believe their goal is to continue to grow. For anyone interested in cheese in the Bay Area of visiting, it's a very cool experience. Plus you get to cuddle baby water buffalo and the mozzarella was very good!

Win a Copy of 'Extra Virgin: Recipes and Love From Our Tuscan Kitchen'

Any time my husband makes me anything I feel the love, and since it's usually breakfast, I'll go with eggs in a basket made my my one and only!

Giveaway: Win a Pair of California Wine Country Prints

I would pick Kunde in Kenwood (Sonoma Valley) but probably Bray in the Sutter Creek area and I'd skip all Napa wineries! :)

Cook the Book: 'Ottolenghi'

Hard question. Actually roasted butternut squash with red onions and za'atar from "Jerusalem" has become a fall staple either as a side or the main part of our dinners.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

@J. Kenji López-Alt

Serious Eats meetup in SF while you're in town!?!?! I couldn't make them last time, it's been a while since SE did that, right!?

Cook the Book: 'Little Jars, Big Flavors'

Made my very own low-sugar strawberry jam last summer and was so happy with myself but my favorite will probably always be my grandma's apricot-pineapple jam!

Father's Day Giveaway: Win a Baking Steel!

No doubt it, if my dad was a pizza he'd be some sort of super duper 4 cheese pizza. The man loves his cheese. And he's super duper. :)

Taste Test: Trader Joe's Dark 70 Chocolate Bars

I've been over the moon for the caramel with black sea salt bar for well over a year. We've had them at our TJs for a while. If you aren't a messy caramel lover, stick it in the freezer and it will make the caramel more firm.

Napa: Snapshots from Bottle Rock Music Festival

I had the Cochon pork on the bun and you didn't miss anything. The bread overwhelmed the pork and didn't seem that fresh so I would have preferred more meat and no bread. Their ribs were pretty great though!

And Model Bakery, wow! Great deals for sure. We got the cheese "plate" picnic ($10) and it had three good size wedges of cheese, olives, a giant strawberry and two packages of garlicky toasts. Great deal when a cheese pizza from another stand was the same price and didn't seem like the same amount of food. I'll be seeking our Model Bakery next time I'm in Napa.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

Any burger grilled by my husband on my homemade potato rolls. Or as Ron Swanson says, "It's meat on a bun, put ketchup on it if you want, I don't really care."

Giveaway: Win A Limited Edition "Zelda Collection" from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Greyhound. And I would be happy to taste test all of the above as well! :)

Win Two VIP Tickets to Cochon 555 in San Francisco

Ribs. That might be a little bit of a cop out but it's so simple and when done right I could eat like 10 pounds of ribs.

Good Eggs, a New Local Food Marketplace in the Bay Area

I've been following them now that I'm able to get deliveries/pick-ups on the Peninsula but I still feel that my local farmer's market has better prices for similar items. If I were in a pinch and couldn't get out to the market I might go this route and look forward to seeing more super local options in the future.

Do You Compost Your Food Scraps?

I'm a SF Bay Area person and I didn't compost before it was introduced in my city. I still think it requires lots of education to get people to start composting regularly but in my home we quickly switched over (city provides a small bucket that can go under your sink, on your counter). It takes some training but in SF it's second nature for everyone to see multiple trash bins in public for sorting your trash.

I think that especially for people who ARE responsible for their individual trash fee, like those in houses with no community waste, it makes it easy to save ourselves money by using smaller "trash only" bins and utilizing the recycling and compost bins more.

Cook the Book: 'From A Polish Country House Kitchen'

My favorite way to eat cabbage and potatoes is in pierogi form!

Giveaway: Win Tickets to In Pursuit of Balance in San Francisco and LA

Right now I'm really liking Kunde (we're wine club members, so I'm biased) and Roederer.

Bake the Book: Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook

Pretty much any candy but I think I've really been enjoying Junior Mints (at the movies, duh) and I have to restrain myself every time I see the gummy penguins at Trader Joes because I could entirely eat a bag in a sitting.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Camp Bacon Gift Box

My favorite way to eat bacon is basically a BLT sandwich with added turkey and avocado. My mom used to make it for my sister and I as a special treat!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

My husband loves me making sriracha popcorn and I love it in Asian style soups, on noodles, and part of my hamburger spread. The sriracha fried recipe on SE is also pretty epic.


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