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Holiday Entertaining- Is this Appropriate?

I agree with @dashofginger, isn't it fairly obvious that this is a potluck? The host is already supplying her home, dishes etc, maybe she just wants to have a nice get together where everyone chips in? If the holidays were always like this they would probably be a lot less stressful and expensive for everybody.

Diet Coke

Well my original reaction was that there are definetly worse things she could be doing... but then you said she is too thin. I struggle with anorexia, and when I relapse I also have a habit of drinking a lot of diet pop and chewing sugar free gum. Although I don't believe that it is a significant enough amount of aspartame to do her anymore harm than say routine use of plastic containers or cell phones would, if you think that this is a demonstration of disordered eating then it is definetly something that she should get help with.

It's that time of year!!

ecca31, my grandmother is celiac, and I find That there are actually tons of traditional holiday foods sans gluten. Pudding, macaroons, pumpkin brûlée, and fruit crisps are all traditionally gluten free. Many delicious cookie recipes with white rice or quinoa flour are also out there. Just make sure to scrub all utensils and counters to prevent cross contamination of flour, even a little could cause problems!

What to do with chestnuts

Cut an x in the flat side of the chestnut, and roast at 425 for 25-30 minutes.
I like to toss mine in maple syrup and fleur de sel! Delicious!!


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