Why You Shouldn't Dine Out on Valentine's Day

@Copperkettle218, any time someone tells me that they're going out for a romantic yet heavy dinner, I think of that Sex and the City episode when Charlotte and Harry go out for a multicourse French meal complete with a cheese cart and then both proceed to get explosive food poisoning later when they try to start up their sexy times.

The Food Lab's Soup Month: Creamy Chanterelle Mushroom Soup

I call most of my houseplants Steve and then insects that I think are too cute to kill -- but can't stay in my house -- Larry. Why those names? I have no idea. But they share the commonality of being about to die even though I feel bad about it; in the plants' case, it's in spite of my best efforts, and in the bugs', because I'm usually tossing them outside in frigid conditions.

I used run-of-the-mill, button Tims for this recipe and they were delicious. So now with the addition of fungi, I offcially anthropromorphize biological kingdoms. How am I single?

Which are the Best Inexpensive Mandoline Slicers?

The product design company that I work at designed a really ass-kicking mandoline for Wusthof a few years back, but they had a falling out with the supplier who made it.

The supplier's brand ending up producing it, but I think without a big name backing it, it was doomed to obscurity and was discontinued.

It was engineered so that it rotated both the blade and the food-conveying surface. With those surfaces always completely parallel, it eliminated the torque that causes uneven slices.

Looking at the OXO up there, I now wonder if they sold that design to OXO because the mechanism looks like it might be the same one.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

So pleased that you heeded our incessant whining about the dogs :-D

Now on to the incessant whining about cats, apparently! We demand cats! Woo!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

The Ethics of Foie Gras: New Fire for an Old Debate

Thanks for posting! This is something that I've been curious to learn more about but wouldn't want to google precisely because of PETA videos.

31 Meatless Mains to Kick Off the New Year

It's like you knew that I ate my body weight in meat over the holidays. Get out of my head!

12 Hearty Main Dish Salads to Ring in the New Year

I stole a good one from Avec in Chicago: freekeh, roasted cauliflower, parsley (arugula is good, too), thinly sliced radish, green olives (those super bright green ones are ideal), and orange supremes. They used a tahini sauce, but I subbed in Annie's goddess dressing because tahini is the main flavor and it's faster.

Equipment: Why a Y-Peeler is the Best Vegetable Peeler

@VeganWithaYoYo, cool video

Daniel, it would be helpful to see videos of peeler techniques since photos don't really capture it -- for both kinds of peelers since the debate is clearly far from settled -- particularly because a search for vegetable peeler technique videos churns this up:

And frankly, that makes far more sense than any of the other points listed above... however, it doesn't look like it would be comfortable with those hard plastic handles on the cheap peelers, and shelling out for a cushy OXO one seems counter to the appeal of the cheap Y peelers. Hmm. And so my confusion about the appeal continues.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Changing the Menu and Considering Feedback

Responding to feedback is tricky because it's essentially design by committee. It'll always be a balancing act of deciding what sounds like a good insight and what's just a highly personal nitpick.

Equipment: Why a Y-Peeler is the Best Vegetable Peeler

Haha that was my comment. It does look like a more natural fit for the more spherical fruit.

But for the long items, I still don't get the ergonomics of it at all (and since I really don't ever peel fruit, it explains my bafflement). It still strikes me as counter to the sweeping movement you need for those items.

I'm guessing that the cheapness is the reason for pros' attachment. They go through em fast, so they don't want to spend a lot, they get used to moving quickly with this shape, and that's that. Mystery solved :)

17 Thanksgiving Soups We Love

There just isn't room for soup with all the other things we always have on the big day, but these sound great and I'm definitely bookmarking this page.

Meet Your Signature Thanksgiving Cocktail

I did the blur last year. It was a very nice light/fizzy/herbal way to start a day of heavy eating.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

@Bill Woods, I'm worried that it's part of their branding overhaul -- less goofy pet shenanigans in general :(

How to Make Sweet and Buttery Glazed Roasted Shallots

I used to be pretty much totally onion averse, which is irritating and makes life difficult, so I turned to the shallot to change my mind. I will hate red onions to the day I die ... but I could die happy after eating shallots that look like that.

The Food Lab: Introducing Vegetables Wellington, the Plant-Based Vegan Roast Even Meat Eaters Will Want

Darn, I'd love to sample it, but you're right, it's definitely too involved for me to ever deal with. Just scrolling through all the steps has exhausted me.

The Food Lab: How to Cook Mussels (The Easiest Choose-Your-Own-Adventure One Pot Meal Around)

@film_score, when I get them, most of them have already been debearded. It's hit or miss, kind of like with the side muscle on scallops, but generally, the ones I still need to debeard are in the minority. If the fishmongers debeard them in advance, don't see why you can't.

@kenji, every now and then, I get a batch that I'd describe as stringy -- like the lip that runs around the edge of the meat, maybe a ligament or something, kind of separates and sticks to the other side of the shell as it opens. Instead of ending up with a little beany-shaped nugget, it's kind of splayed open and holding on to both sides, and then also doesn't really want to come out of the shell.

I cook them the same way every time, so I don't think it's a matter of doing something wrong or different. It's not like they've gone bad -- they still taste fine, the texture just isn't great. Is there a better time of year to get them? Or a way to tell from looking at them if you're going to get the plump little nuggets or stringy ick?

The Food Lab: Make This Crisp-Skinned Chicken and Roast Vegetables in One Cast Iron Skillet

Dang, that looks good. I don't have a skillet, just enameled pots, but I'm thinking I'll give this a stab in one of those anyway.

13 Delicious Drinks to Make This Halloween

Any other suggestions for bright red drinks? I was going to do something with blood orange juice in vials with some booze mixed in (aka blood), but blood orange juice doesn't appear to have made its way into stores yet for the season. I'll probably end up doing something like the pom juice one listed above, though these drinks will essentially be shots. I was hoping to do something a little more interesting than just a red headed slut, but that may be what it comes down to.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Yay! Finally more animals!

Forget Warm Spinach and Bacon: Warm Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Salad is the Way to Go

Very important and totally reasonable request: come to Chicago and have the Brussels sprouts salad at Sunda, figure out how to make it, and share the recipe with us. I have dreams about that salad. They do the same thing with the leaves and I think maybe they lightly fry them?

Oooor just figure it out from the menu's description:

brussels sprouts, red cabbage, carrots, chilies, fried
shallots, minced shrimp nuoc cham, vinaigrette

Please please pretty please?

How to Waffle Your Ramen (Yeah, You Read That Right)

I'm not sure how good this sounds, but I love that waffle has become a verb here, partly because it reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes:

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: The Toll of Owning Your Business

Wow, I wish I had a insightful comment to add, but I'm still feeling a little dumbstruck. Very thoughtful and moving.

How to Cook the Perfect Roast Chicken

Just wanted to add that I also like pulling up oldies but goodies. I find myself in cooking ruts a lot as I deal with some chronic fatigue, and sometimes I really need a reminder of how many really good but pretty basic things there are out there. I come again and again to the sources where the recipes usually turn out the best, and this is one of them.

Win a Copy of 'Ovenly'

Anything involving cured meat -- bacon-wrapped dates, melone e prosciutto, bacon and maple

My first taste of Meyer lemon?

I've read so much about Meyer lemons, but never tried one, so when I saw them at the store yesterday I had to grab one.

Having never tasted one before, what's the best way to first experience it? I know it's sweeter than your typical lemon, but I figured I still shouldn't just bite into it like any other fruit, yet I also don't want to make something too strong or convoluted that doesn't let me taste the difference between it and your run-of-the-mill lemon.

Suggestions and/or recipes would be greatly appreciated!